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It is understandable why many friends and loved ones lose hope in finding a successful drug rehab after several years of failure. AHS, however, takes a different view. Helping families on a weekly basis shows there is always hope - provided it isn’t left too late. In the US, Addiction Help Services can be reached at or 1-877-554-7308. UK residents can visit or call 020 7099 2093

It isn’t easy living with someone hooked on drugs. And it’s even harder attempting to get them to kick the habit. In fact, many friends and loved ones eventually give up after failed attempts to help.

Perhaps they succeeded initially, sending the addict to a drug rehab treatment center. It’s more than likely, however, that they drifted off the program or relapsed after initial gains as most programs today have only a 20% success rate.

As a result, some friends and family form the misguided view that they have to wait till someone reaches rock bottom. They reason that the addict will only seek help when something really bad happens to them. This belief, though, is highly flawed. Some people go right on drinking or taking drugs. Others hit bottom so hard that it’s very hard to get back up again — they end up in prison for a number of years or worse, die of an overdose.

Robert from the Pacific Northwest, for example, had been addicted to crystal methamphetamine and alcohol for many years yet had never been to drug rehab. It was only when he ended up in court facing a possible prison term that his family acted decisively. They contacted an organization known as Addiction Help Services (AHS) ( which has a network of certified chemical dependency counselors and interventionists throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

“Without the AHS interventionist, things would not have worked out,” says Robert’s mother. “He babysat us and hung in there with Rob and was important in getting him released from the court.”

Addiction Help Services suggested the right kind of program suited to Robert’s addiction, personality and needs. Her son is now doing very well in treatment.

Many drug rehab methods

There are so many methods, models, treatments and rehabs that it can be a daunting task to select the most appropriate care facility.

Anyone going to the web is met with an ocean of data. There are literally thousands of sites — a few good ones, and many more offering bad advice. It is factually difficult to find accurate information on drug rehab treatment methods and their success rates. And to make matters worse, the uninitiated have to wade through a morass of confusing jargon and hard-to-fathom methodologies.

How, then, are families and friends to find licensed, accredited, reputable and successful rehabs?

Founding of Addiction Help Services (AHS)

“Addiction Help Services fills a vital role in helping people select a drug rehab that will work for those addicted to alcohol or drugs,” says Eric Mitchell, CEO of AHS. “We have licensed addiction professionals available 24 hours, 7 days a week to offer free advice to help people on the road to recovery.”

Mitchell himself is a former drug addict. Between 1992 and 1998, he was hooked on a deadly cocktail of cocaine, heroin, crystal meth and marijuana. Fortunately, he found a good program and has been drug free ever since. He became a chemical dependency counselor and excelled at interventions — people calling on him to intervene on behalf of a family member. He then would take the person to programs he felt would genuinely help them — whether a traditional 12 step, a detoxification center or an outpatient clinic.

Word of mouth on his ability to aid even the most intractable addicts attracted more business than Mitchell could individually address. That’s when he came up with the idea of Addiction Help Services. AHS has five licensed interventionists on staff, as well as two referral counselors operating its hot line (877 554-7308) and four support staff. The referral counselors operate around the clock and charge nothing for their services. They have to hand a database of thousands of drug rehab and treatment modalities around the USA and can advise families and friends on the best course of action.

Addiction Help Services (AHS) interventionists and their success

AHS interventionists, on the other hand, are based strategically throughout the country so that they can arrive on site in any state at a moment’s notice. These interventionists are particularly skilled at convincing addicts to genuinely seek assistance. They quickly gain the trust of the individual and escort him to traditional and non-traditional drug rehab programs — whatever the person needs and wherever the person will feel comfortable.

AHS has vast knowledge of the drug rehab industry and has discovered programs that have as high as a 70% success rate. Depending on the person unique situation, AHS has referred people to 12-step, longer term drug residential rehab, biophysical detoxification, intensive one-on-one, holistic, women-only and under-18 treatment programs. This knowledge has even helped to persuade judges to send people to treatment rather than the penitentiary.

Take the case of Phil, a Texan crack cocaine addict who had been through several 12-step programs yet always reverted to drugs. This time, however, it was even more serious. He had to face a judge and was expected to go to jail. The family called upon Mitchell to intervene. He visited Phil, secured his willingness to go to a more comprehensive residential detoxification program. But first, he had to survive a court appearance for violation of the terms of his probation.

Mitchell’s philosophy is to do whatever it takes to free the individual from the grip of addiction. He attended the hearing and testified on behalf of the accused. Instead of prison, Phil was ordered to drug rehab. And this time, he finally kicked his cocaine habit. He has been drug free for six months.

“I firmly believe that the AHS interventionist’s professional demeanor and appearance, his knowledge of drug rehab programs and interrelation with the criminal justice system, and the personal testimony of his life experience combined in a powerfully persuasive way to convince the judge to give Phil another opportunity rather than revoking his probation and sentencing him to the penitentiary,” says the lawyer. “The proof of the effectiveness of this testimony was evident in the abruptness of the court’s termination of the hearing following the testimony and the granting of the relief we were requesting.”

Drug Rehab Not Hopeless

It is understandable why many friends and loved ones lose hope after several years of failure. Mitchell, however, takes a different view. Having seen himself and other AHS interventionists help families on a weekly basis, he says there is always hope — provided it isn’t left too late.

“Don’t wait until a loved one is in prison or hospital before acting — by then it may be too late,” he says. “Every week, we intervene and convince people to seek the right drug rehab help before they hit rock bottom. As each person is unique, it’s a case of finding the right drug rehab treatment facility that will achieve the desired result.”

In the US, Addiction Help Services can be reached at or 1-877-554-7308. UK residents can visit or call 020 7099 2093


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