Variable Annuity Suggestion Tool is Now Avaiable

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The first variable annuity suggestion tool is now avaiable. Helping investors find the best variable annuity product and benefits for their needs.

Annuity IQ is pleased to announce the release of the Annuitizer. This is a variable annuity suggestion tool designed to suggest the best contracts for the consumer’s needs. Based on your answers to individual questions, the Annuitizer will generate 4 companies’ contracts that may meet your needs.

“While this feature, the Annuitizer, is a useful tool, it does not replace the advice of a qualified financial advisor. This tool is a great place for a client to start in their search for the right variable annuity for their needs,” Scott DeMonte owner of Annuity IQ said. “As the world of variable annuities grows and changes, it leaves the consumer in the dark on what and where the best products for their needs might be,” Mr. DeMonte went on to say.

This feature works in conjunction to The Annuity Report which is available only at Annuity IQ’s web site, “Until Annuity IQ, consumers or brokers, for that matter, had no place to go to find comprehensive variable annuity information and no rating service to grade how well certain variable annuity contracts and their benefits work. With Annuity IQ, this problem is solved,” Mr. DeMonte said.

At Annuity IQ, the visitor can find information and resources that more accurately describe variable annuities. In the members section, the consumer can review all the contract information using very easy-to-use navigation. Now the consumer can also access the Annuitizer to help them narrow their search for the best annuity for their needs. Annuity IQ is also in the process of adding high-end calculators to the member’s area to help people plan better for their retirement.

What makes Annuity IQ so unique and different is they do not sell any type of annuities. “We did not want to be in the annuity selling business, we wanted to be that impartial voice for the consumer to help them find the best product for their needs. If we sold annuities, how could we remain impartial? We could not; once commissions enter the picture the whole system is tainted. I am not saying that other sites are not any good or do not benefit the consumer. I am saying that their approach is different than ours. We take an objective look at annuities and make our decisions based on the facts, regardless of the commissions paid,” Mr. DeMonte said.

Annuity IQ is one of the only sites that offer’s a fair and balanced view of variable annuities. Usually when people write about annuities, they fall one way or another -- you either love them or hate them.

“Whether they [critics] like it or not, variable annuities are being purchased by consumers. Instead of always criticizing them, they should try to help people find information on variable annuities. They are often times Monday morning quarterbacking and saying you should not have done this, or done that. I have rarely seen a financial writer refer to a source to give the person asking the question a resource. Instead, they force feed their opinions on people.” Mr. DeMonte said.

Annuity IQ offers a full range of services, mostly for free. At Annuity IQ, you will have an option to either subscribe or just download the report. “You get more for your money if you subscribe, including the Annuitizer, than just buying the book. In the members area, you can download the material if you want to, or use the easy to navigate search section to find the information you want.” Mr. DeMonte said. Annuity IQ is always working hard to ensure that they bring quality and accurate information to the consumer in an easy to read format.

Get the facts behind variable annuities, not someone’s opinion. To learn more please visit where you will find comprehensive annuity information.

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