AP9 Bargain Network Offers a Few Pointers on Tracking Down Hard-to-Find Cars

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AP9 Bargain Network helps members find great deals on used cars nationwide.

If you’re in the market for any old car, you can find one in virtually any newspaper in the U.S., AP9 Bargain Network reports. However, if you’re looking for a specific car within a specific price range, you’ll need to do more than just scan the local classifieds.

AP9 Bargain Network members who have enrolled in Bargain Network Motors have convenient, toll-free access to Auto Experts who will search a proprietary database of over one million vehicles to find affordable cars, trucks and minivans across the country. With listings that are updated daily to include vehicles recently made available through bank repossessions, charities, corporate liquidations, dealer trade-ins, government and police auctions, and other sources, AP9 Bargain Network can help you track down incredible deals on a wide range of cars, trucks and SUVs.

There are, of course, no guarantees that you’ll find the exact car of your dreams, no matter how long and hard you search. Some models may be out of circulation altogether; others are closely guarded by their owners. Still, with a little time and effort -- and maybe a little luck -- you may just find yourself behind the wheel of the automobile of your dreams.

AP9 Bargain Network therefore offers you a few things to keep in mind as you embark upon your search:

-- Consider all sources. Newspaper ads and inquiries at local dealers can be a useful starting point, but you’re severely limiting your search if they’re also your stopping point. Include as many different sources in your search as you (and your friends and other contacts) can think of, including Internet searches, police impound lots, your best friend’s aunt’s neighbor’s furnace guy, and more.

-- Attend auctions. Auctions are where a trove of sweet deals can be found, but very few people know about them. That’s great news for you -- the fewer the bidders, the lower the price you’ll likely have to pay. Just remember to arrive early and stay late, because a lot of the best deals are found at the beginning and the end of auctions.

-- Be prepared to travel. It’d be nice if your next-door neighbor was selling the car you want, but that’s rarely the case. If you’re looking for a common make and model, you may be able to find something in your price range within your county or state, but if you’re looking for a car that’s out of the ordinary, you’ll likely have to move in wider circles. Depending on demand for the car, you might also have to show up with money in hand fairly quickly to lay claim to the vehicle, so make sure you’re ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

-- Buy with your head, not with your heart. Finding your dream car doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Be sure to have the car thoroughly inspected before agreeing to any sale, and be willing to walk away if it fails the inspection or if the asking price is beyond your budget. No car is worth long-term financial hardship.

There are, of course, any number of sources you can use to locate cars, including AP9 Bargain Network, which specializes in helping buyers find “distressed” (i.e., priced to move) cars, particularly at auctions and other distressed-car marketplaces. They also help members research, purchase and maintain cars, trucks and other vehicles easily and affordably. Members can find vehicles in their area (or across the country), get pricing advice, access discounts on vehicle history reports, and enjoy preferred rates on car care at national auto repair and maintenance shops – all through AP9 Bargain Network.


Bargain Network (BN) Motors is a unique member service that helps consumers find the best automotive bargains. BN Motors is a complete auto buying and listing service that does not accept compensation from partners or dealers because members pay a low monthly membership fee, which means that consumers impartial pricing information on nearly 1 million car listings. The BN Motors database includes almost 3,000 Live Auction Events that include repossessions, police impounds, government surplus and other distressed vehicle sales. BN Motors validates, updates and aggregates this information and makes it accessible and usable by offering members the choice of access methods including the website, telephone access to Bargain Auto Specialists, or printed handbooks and listings sent via mail. To learn more about Bargain Network programs, go to http://www.bargain.com/fe/mkt/autos/.

About AP9 Bargain Network

AP9 Bargain Network is a unique membership service that provides consumers with best price information on significant purchases such as homes, vehicles and consumer products. Because AP9 Bargain Network is a membership service, it does not accept any advertising, or compensation from merchants, so consumers receive unbiased, impartial and complete pricing information. Go to http://www.bargainnetwork.com/ to learn more about AP9 Bargain Network.

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