Leveraged Learning: RFID Education Services Connected with a RFID Community Accelerates Education for RFID Professionals

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RFID Tribe launched its Registered Education Provider Program. First step in association’s Education Plan.

RFID Tribe, an association for RFID professionals, launched its Registered Education Provider program. To serve its worldwide community of RFID professionals, the association recognized the need to provide assistance to consumers regarding RFID technology education services. RFID Tribes launched its Registered Education Provider (REP) program to respond to that need.

The REP program provides RFID education seekers with a place to find qualified workforce education programs that fit their needs for skills, training and certification in RFID technology – the skills and the education they need in the place they live. Education providers from a broad spectrum of the industry may participate in RFID Tribe’s REP program - universities, colleges, industry associations, government-funded education providers, for-profit training organizations and RFID vendor firms that offer education, training or certification services. The REP program provides RFID education consumers with a place to evaluate RFID technology education offerings on a competitive basis. Consumers of RFID education make a connection between their needs for RFID education and a REP’s educational offering.

Registered Education Providers Deliver Quality Learning Services

Registered Education Providers deliver quality learning services. RFID Tribe sets education quality guidelines that establish learning objectives and learning criteria. These objectives and criteria are mutually agreed to by the learning provider and the learning client and include feedback from the learning provider, the learning client and the student. RFID Tribes education quality guidelines are found on the RFID Tribe website.

David Neumann, vice president at American RFID Solutions LLC, said, “As end users continue to evaluate and implement RFID solutions, more and more professionals are interested in not only how RFID works, but on how they can maximize improvements in their business processes.” Commenting on his firm’s participation as a Registered Education Provider he said, “Training on just RFID component functionality is an incomplete solution. Companies, like American RFID Solutions, that develop RFID products and services provide an advantage when this experience is transferred through RFID training. American RFID Solutions provides the art to the science of RFID."

The Registered Education Provider program is a first step in RFID Tribe’s education roadmap. RFID Tribe has formed an Education Council to provide guidance on RFID Tribe’s education, training and certification initiatives. REP organizations are voting members in the RFID Tribe Education Council and set the path for RFID Tribe’s education initiatives.

Community of RFID Experts Extends Learning Beyond Classroom

Formal training is one element of developing an empowered worker. Belonging to a community in which RFID trainees can participate to further develop professional skills leverages the investment in RFID training and enhances the training experience. RFID Tribe provides a community where RFID-trained workers can collaborate with RFID experts. RFID Tribe enables RFID professionals to interact face-to-face as well as electronically: posing questions with RFID experts, trading ideas and trading practices, networking with industry players, meeting in local chapter meetings, finding open jobs, making their resume available and developing professional skills in a community of RFID experts.

Sanjiv Dua, CEO at RFID4U said, "We are seeing a great momentum in the marketplace world-over to seek benefits from this disruptive technology. Education and collaborative working is a key to successful adoption. RFID Tribe is playing a very important role in that and we are very happy to be a part of its new initiative: the Registered Education Provider program."

RFID Tribe members collaborate with each other on technical challenges and on business issues. Members find peers who share their interests through special interest groups in application areas such as healthcare, retail, supply chain and software applications. RFID Tribe membership includes a one hour session of one-to-one mentoring with an RFID expert. "Joining RFID Tribe has been very helpful to me, because I am able to read about real life problems with RFID. Also, I have made some good contacts", said Shirley Arsenault, CEO at Allumis, a software solutions provider. These connections are invaluable as RFID professionals experience the challenges and the “bumps in the road” associated with applying RFID technology outside the classroom.

“Connecting with a community of RFID experts and peers leverages learning beyond the classroom”, said Mark Johnson, RFID Tribe President. “RFID Tribe looks forward to supporting Registered Education Providers. RFID Tribe provides an environment where RFID technology professionals can develop their career through formal education and through professional communities”, he continued.

As an association for RFID professionals, RFID Tribe plays a role in the growing RFID workforce, its skills development, its career development and serves as a focal point for RFID workforce issues.

Further information on RFID Tribe’s Registered Education Provider program may be found on RFID Tribe’s website at http://www.rfidtribe.com/rep_home.html

About RFID Tribe:

RFID Tribe, a global organization with local chapters, is the world's association for radio

frequency identification (RFID) professionals. The group of industry experts collaborates

on RFID and sensor technology, standards, venture capital, products, applications,

industry trends, people and events. RFID Tribe serves as an engine for ideas, people and capital. RFID Tribe - The World's Association for RFID Professionals.


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