What's Really Happening In The News: Kerrin Hopkins, Intn'l Profiler Based On Character Traits Distinct To One's Name, Provide Her Take on Latest 'Names In The News'

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1) So .. can a Keith & a Nicole live happily ever after? 2) Has Halle finally found her true love? 3)Oprah lucky to not have a tasteful size 8.5 white satin spike shoe sticking from forehead! 4) Can an Isabella Damon get along with a Violet Affleck? 5) That's using your head .. soccer update. 6) What's a Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt going to be like?

Based on research she has conducted, International Personality Profiler Kerrin Carleen Hopkins announces her take on celebrity names in the news today.

1) Rumor has it, Nicole Kidman's risking her $150,000,000 to Keith Urban's $30,000,000 ... their marriage better be a keeper; supposedly their pre-nup only has one clause in it -- "The Sober Clause." The clause was probably her dad "Antony's" idea ... those Tony people always have a "Plan B."

Okay, so based on their names ... are these people going to have a happy ever after made for movie ending or will their marriage be more like a Country Song where she'll be dumped for his pick up truck, a

3-legged dog and a case of Jack Daniels? Well the fun-o-meter is definitely on high with these two ... who can't have fun with a Nicole or a with a Keith? They're fun, adventurous, try anything once type people ... they're both friendly and out-going. One thing that will drive Keith nuts is that Nicole will be very observant ... she'll tell him what he's doing wrong, what he could be doing differently and he won't get away with anything ... Keiths don't like that, they like to have fun, take risks and do as they please. So my advice to Nicole if she wants to make this work ... keep your observations to yourself and enjoy Keith for who he is ... fun, creative, generous and unpredictable.

2) Halle Berry's dating hunkin' Gabriel Aubry ... what do their names say about their compatibility? Well, they're both fun, money motivated, crave love and acceptance yet are both slow to trust. They both want to be loved but are afraid to give their heart totally for fear of rejection. They're actually both very similar people. As for Gabriel, he's the easy going, fun loving, go along with whatever Halle wants type person; in Halle's past, this would have been his down fall ... this is because Halle's middle name is "Maria"; and while Marias are capable, take charge people; for some odd reason they end up with partner's they can't control; think David (Justice) or Erik (Benet); No one's controlling a David or an Erik! But this guy won't be controlling (unless his middle name is David, or Erik .. or some other in-control name); Gabriel will be part of the fun in the good times (the "el" part of his name) and supportive in the bad times (the "ga" part of his name) ... Halle might have actually found her true love!

3) Before Oprah crashes another wedding, she may want to check with Kerrin Carleen Hopkins -- International Personality Profiler -- to see which names of Brides would welcome an Oprah intrusion and which ones are likely to call their lawyer ... While on a "Cross Country Crashing Tour" which includes crashing a Sunday Church Service and a Navajo Nation Function ... Oprah and her crew's 16th stop was Tulsa, Oklahoma to barge in on two unsuspecting wedding receptions.

The 1st Celebration was in honor of a Bethany & Morgan and understandably, based on their names, Bethany & Morgan were happy to receive Oprah at their wedding.

Typically, Bethanys just love gifts & they love to have a good time. While Morgans are planners, and this intrusion wasn't planned, Morgans are always looking for opportunities to improve themselves & they crave acceptance & approval, so Oprah's Gift Bearing Crash; with the promise to include them in her Day Time Show come September works for them.

The 2nd celebration was in honor of a Heather & Ben. Now, based on their names ... Heathers have a really good aim when throwing things at you. They're smart, capable, know what they want and will never back down from an argument because they know they're right. I'm sure Ben's figured that out by now ... but Oprah's producers haven't a clue.

Based on his name, Bens are friendly, easy going, capable, and while they like to delegate, they're willing to be 'make the best of it' type guys as long as they're getting their needs met. Heathers on the other hand, aren't necessarily "Type A" people they're more like "Type AAAA" people -- wow do they get their way! They need to be in control under normal conditions but particularly on their Wedding Day ... what were you thinking Oprah? You've got some explaining to do ... your Media Trespass is going to cost you and this time Heather's going to be the one in the "receiving line."

4) Can an Isabella Damon get along with a Violet Affleck? Absolutely. Isabella will be a bundle of energy, fun loving, funny; with a love for being the center of attention ... Violet is just going to be good looking with a zeal for standing out in a crowd ... the only problems i foresee in their future outings is if there's only one spot light or one microphone .. in which case; my money's on Isabella to come out the winner ... Violet will be too busy looking for a mirror.

5) Kaka -- the mid-fielder for Brazil -- was the 1st and only to score in the much anticipated Brazil-Croatia Soccer Show Down .. was it his name? Definitely -- based on his name (and not the Spanish interpretation!) -- Kaka has a double dose of personality & assertiveness... not much stopping this guy, which makes him great at 'playing the field' ... even when he's not near a stadium.

6) Okay .. the latest breaking name is the news today relates to the Newest Hollywood Baby ... what exactly is a Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt going to be like? The problem with the Gene Pool is that there’s no lifeguard on duty. Lucky for parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, they don’t have to worry too much about what will happen when their DNA goes for a swim.

Based on her name here's what the little cutie pie is going to be like. Her first 1st name ‘Shiloh’ will make her a good looking control freak with the will power of a bull. She’ll be strong in conviction, have a helpful demeanor and unusually good organizational skills ... that's probably just her controlling side kicking in ... Her middle name ‘Nouvel’ will make her an extremely observant, strong willed, good looking yet vain, fun loving little bugger. Her 1st last name ‘Jolie’ will make her cocky in appearance, yet inside she’ll have self doubts and question her abilities; she'll have a tremendous need to prove herself & again she’ll have remarkable strength. Her 2nd last name ‘Pitt’ will make her ‘privileged’ in that opportunities will just fall in her lap, but she’s not exactly going to appreciate or even recognize that opportunities come readily to her, because she’ll think everyone gets opportunities like this .. she’ll also be independent and will use her pleasant, friendly personality to set herself apart from others... So really, no great surprise here ... the kid’s going to be strong willed and independent like mom; good looking like mom and dad, and friendly like dad.

Look for Kerrin's newest book, "You're SUCH A Dave .. Define Your Name .. Define Your Life," coming to your favorite book store August 2006.


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