Buying Babies of the Preferred Gender and Purchasing Babies' Destinies

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Buying designer babies with supportive destinies -- Kwai Lan Chan, A Master of Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology designing babies’ destinies for Asian parents to produce outstanding children.

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In today’s financial-hungry world, money holds great power. It can buy one a dream home, a sporty new car and even the ability to choose the sex of an unborn child. Well-off individuals now harbor an opportunity that their forebears never dreamed of: selecting their children’s gender. If it sounds a bit space age, consider this. In nations where governmental restrictions on the number of children a couple can have lead to preemptive abortions, and in a day and age where settling for second best is unheard of, aren’t designer babies a better alternative to unwanted and unloved babies or, worse yet, no baby at all?

As the product of a mother who courageously shunned societal pressures and chose to disguise her as a boy at birth rather than do away with her, Kwai Lan Chan’s (A Master of Imperial Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology) answer to that question is a resounding yes. Had her mother succumbed to the demands placed on Chinese women of her generation, Kwai Lan would not be here today.

While there is a price to be paid when a child is made to live out the parent’s fantasy -- for instance, the trauma of hiding her gender from her own father caused her to lose her hair, an ordeal she has since overcome -- the tender care of a loving parent is what ultimately pulls the child through. In Kwai Lan’s case, her mother often whispered in her ear that she loved Kwai Lan and that she was only doing what she was to save both Kwai Lan and herself. Kwai Lan understood full well the danger of being discovered when she witnessed baby girls being thrown into a lake in China.

Examples abound of the psychological damage being unloved and unwanted can level on a child. A gay man Kwai Lan once worked with told her that his homosexual tendencies arose when he discovered his father had wanted a girl rather than a boy. To appease the disappointed father, his mother had dressed the man as a girl when he was little. He said that he was unable to ever recover from that trauma, having repeatedly watched his father lavish love and attention on his mother while completely ignoring him. Such behavior had given the young boy the wrong signal, making him conclude that his father would have loved him if only he had been born a female. When this man grew up, he became a crossdresser and was soon trapped in an imperfect world. The continual unhappiness this man endured could have been avoided had his parents had the option of choosing their baby’s gender.

Picking their babies sex, however, isn’t the only reproductive choice money now affords couples. Many parents-to-be are also choosing to design their babies’ destinies. Asian couples in particular are very serious about the prospect of having children. None of them wants a rebellious child and so they seek out Chinese Astrology experts to aid them in selecting the most propitious conception and birth dates. The Asian parents also make use of feng shui to help their newborn babies to have good health.

In her practice, Asian mothers occasionally approach Kwai Lan and ask her to choose the best date for their babies to be born. While it might appear as hocus-pocus, there is actual merit to the practice. What such requests boil down to is wanting their babies to live a life destined for good fortune. By giving birth on the most ideal day, their children are not only more likely to have a good relationship with them, the parents, but they are also more likely to have a better chance in life overall. To pinpoint the best birth date, Kwai Lan makes use of the parents’ birth dates. In so doing, she can ensure that the dates given by the doctors will not clash with the parents’ ruling personalities.

The practice of reconciling destinies with one’s birthday dates back centuries to the ancient Chinese, who recorded and detected the birth dates of extraordinary heroes. These ancient scholars created Chinese Astrology formulas that combined the elements found in the parents’ birth charts to predetermine the right date for a child to be born. If all of this melded together as stipulated, the child would become an extraordinary, outstanding human being. Strange as it sounds, many Asian parents still carry out this process of analyzing the involved dates before giving birth to their children. In fact, the practice is so often requested that a number of her feng shui students ask Kwai Lan to teach them this technique.

It won’t be long before designer babies are being born, with designer destinies ruling their dates of birth. The concept, however, isn’t something to be feared or shied away from. Rather, it should be viewed as a blessing, one that the American government is more frequently offering its citizens -- and non-citizens who opt to conceive and give birth in the U.S. The unconditional love of one’s parent sometimes depends upon it.

For more information on how Kwai Lan Chan can teach you the feng shui secrets and Chinese Astrology to designing your child’s destiny, contact her at (818) 980-3388. To learn about her upcoming feng shui telephone seminar, visit her online at and


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