Launches Beta Site, Vies to Take the Guesswork Out of Grilling

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New Cookout Calculator features virtual grill; reduces complexities of grilling to simple timeline of instructions for expert results.

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Cookouts are a popular pastime, however the complexities of grilling can lead to dissatisfying, costly events that often result in personal, social and even spousal disapproval. (, a web site that is launching its beta test, features a new Cookout Calculator that is designed to take the guesswork out of grilling.

With the Cookout Calculator, users input information about their cookout such as:

  • The items to be grilled (types of steaks, chicken, pork including the quantity, thickness and desired doneness)
  • Grill specifications (gas or charcoal and how long it takes to prepare the fire)
  • Outside grill time temperature
  • The desired time to either start the grill or eat.

As grilling items are added, users can see and arrange their grilling items on a virtual grill.

The Cookout Calculator then creates a printable timeline and grilling instructions. The result is a synchronized cookout where all items come off the grill at the desired time, piping hot, cooked to the griller's specifications.

About the Cookout Calculator

The Cookout Calculator is designed to be interactive and engaging. As the user creates their cookout real-time, context- sensitive instructions and reminders are displayed, based on the task being performed by the user. Similarly, as the user selects various types and cuts of meats to be grilled, the corresponding menus for thickness and doneness respond accordingly, adapting to the ranges of physical attributes for the selected cuts and recommended doneness for each.

If the user selects a doneness for a cut of meat that is below the minimum doneness recommend by the USDA, a warning displays, indicating the USDA recommended doneness and internal temperature. If the user continues with grilling items that are under the USDA recommended doneness, this is noted on the Cookout Printout.

The user has the option to name grilling items. If the user chooses not to name the grilling items, the system will supply a name, based on the type and cut of meat. If there are multiple grilling items with the same name, either provided by the user or by the system, the system will assign and maintain unique names for the grilling items dynamically. Quantities of identical grilling items can also be entered into the system.

Grilling items appear on the virtual grill, and include callouts that display details of the grilling item(s), such as a name, if provided by the user, the cut, thickness and desired doneness. The user can arrange the items on the virtual grill using familiar drag-and-drop techniques.

Guests of can choose between a Generic-Gas and Generic-Charcoal virtual grill. Members, who will pay a subscription fee, will have the ability to customize up to three virtual grills to the relative size and shape of their actual grills, including their preferred settings for fire, grilling temperature, grill preparation time, grilling location and supporting information for each grill. The preferred grill to be used by default will also be specified. Members will also have the capability to store the details of their favorite cookouts and grilling items for future use, and store cookouts in progress.

Details About the Grilling Timeline

The Grilling Timeline is calculated by the system based on all factors discussed above.

The Grilling Timeline includes:

  • Approx. Time - Based on the time to start the grill, or eat, depending on the option selected by the user.
  • Elapsed Grill Time - The timing of grilling events when being tracked using a common stopwatch.
  • Event - Instructions of when to put on and turn grilling items.
  • Countdown to Next Event - Once an event has been completed, this is the time until the griller's next scheduled event. (Helpful for knowing when to refresh a beverage or perform another task.)
  • Time Remaining - This timer displays the timing of events in a countdown context. (Helpful for responding to the request to "Let me know when you're 10 minutes away so that I can start the corn.")

Once all of the details of the cookout have been input and the Grilling Timeline has been calculated, the user can create a Cookout Printout, which contains the entire cookout planning details, reminders, grilling instructions, notes, appropriate warnings and grilling recommendations.


The beta site was created by Schedeler&Company (Raleigh, NC) with software development by Thuridion (Scotts Valley, CA). Graphic design and branding were provided by Templeton Design (Metuchen, NJ).

The Charcoal Bob name, logo, and all related product and service names, design marks and slogans are trademarks and service marks of Schedeler&Company LLC. The Cookout Calculator is patent pending.


Terry Schedeler

Schedeler&Company LLC



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