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California based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino discussed his success track with entrepreneurs while hosting a recent conference call. The popular conference call host discussed how he started his traditional business chasing leads, and found himself married to a telephone headset, calling prospects 6 or 7 days a week, 10 plus hours a day. Marino Explained how the Sales Center business model allowed him to travel to Alaska, Arizona, Florida , and Palm Springs over an 8 week period while earning a great income.

California based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino gives valuable advice to those considering a lucrative career in wholesale travel. He feels it is essential to choose a business model only after getting all the facts. He encourages entrepreneurs to choose a business model that will work for them and make sure all the assistance needed will be in place for them.

The overwhelming success entrepreneurs have had with a hybrid business model developed by the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has made them the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group with the top rated home based business. The training, support and services they provide are second to none and head and shoulders above the rest. Learn about and test drive the system at

He contrasted the life he lived working the old Coastal Vacations business with the life he now leads with the ultra-successful hybrid Coastal Vacations business model. He was asked to share his experiences on a recent conference call.

Marino explained: "People get into the old Coastal Vacations business because they are convinced a system of websites, and conference calls will sell the product for them. Why else would people with little or no sales experience, and no idea what time commitment is required to do all the follow up, join a business that requires long hours of follow up, and at least moderate sales skills."

Marino made a great point, because earlier on the same call, guests learned that 95% of those who start a new home based business, like the traditional Coastal business, fail to ever make a profit It seemed odd that so many people would jump into a business model where the failure rate was so high

Marino described his life as he started his old style Coastal Vacations business;. "I worked the business 6 or 7 days a week, 10 to 12 or more hours a day. I live in Los Angeles, so I remember getting up at 6 AM twice a week to call prospects in the Eastern time zone that I couldn't reach any other time of day.


"Chasing people down to follow-up was the most time consuming. After almost 4 weeks of working like a dog I had no sales.”

Marino brought his 25 years of sales, and sales management experience to Coastal Vacations. Failure was not an option for him. He had left his six-figure annual salary behind, and this was his new career.

Marino contrasts his early days of "working like a dog," to his current business with the Coastal Vacations Sales Center. He explained "It was better from the start. I started to market, rather than chase leads. The system produced 11 sales over my first 3 weeks.

That was more sales than he had closed the previous four months doing it the old way. The best part is, he became a business owner and was able to delegate most of the labor intensive activities.

As Marino explained, the first few months of his new found time, and freedom were used for very personal reasons. His mother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he spent much of his time at the hospital, and later the hospice.

While he was grateful the Sales Center system allowed him to spend valuable time with his family, and with his mother in her final days, Marino remembers not being able to enjoy his success.

He said, that he realized from his own dark days that he could help others in similar situations. One of the members of his group cares for a special needs child. Her Sales Center business allows her to stay home, and earn a better than average income without spending hours on the phone chasing leads.

Now, Marino is living the life he envisioned with Coastal Vacations. He loves to travel, and over the last 6 months has enjoyed 15 vacations including two trips to Alaska and over half a dozen to Florida.

The Sales Center continues to close sales for him, and he works with his new members to teach them to market effectively. Armed with his laptop computer, and cellular phone, he trains, and consults with his group members from the road.

The level 3 Director hosts training conference calls, and the Sales Center's Q&A calls while he travels. He even hosted a call from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix while making his way to Anchorage Alaska for an extended weekend.

It is obvious to Marino and many others that the Sales Center system is far superior to anything else out there.

Marino cautions that many people investigating the business seem to think they have to choose either business A--- the old model, or business B--- the hybrid model. He explained that many are choosing "C"---all of the above.

As Marino explained; "Some Sales Center members are really good salespeople, or at least like calling and sharing the business with prospects. Some came over from the traditional business, and calling leads is a comfortable way to get people to their website and into the system.

Our system eliminates the need for tedious follow up. Some members like the hands on approach, and may contact their prospect when the system tells them they have viewed the website for the first time, or even the fifth or tenth time.

Some associates may want to touch base with prospects when they see that they have talked with a live Sales Center rep. The great thing is that the system tracks the progress of a prospect in real time, and business owners can have as much or as little contact with the prospects as they desire."

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