Ribbon Nutrition is Turning the Fight Against Breast Cancer Upside Down

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Ribbon Nutrition, a new Vitamin company, is donating up to 10% of total company revenues to help fight and prevent breast cancer.

A new supplement company is literally turning the notion of corporate charitable giving on its head. Or more specifically, on its lid. Ribbon Nutrition has recently begun rolling out its line of premium dietary supplements in health food stores. And you can’t miss them—their bottles are displayed upside-down.

Ribbon Nutrition, named after the universally recognized breast cancer awareness pink ribbon, has launched a line of 40 dietary supplement products, including Fish Oil, Earth Energy Multi-Vitamin, Pre-Natal Plus DHA, and Core Antioxidant. The company is donating up to 10% of total company revenues to their non-profit partners in the fight against breast cancer, which now strikes more women in the world than any other type of cancer. This year, an estimated 1,150,000 women worldwide will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and 411,000 women will die from the disease. It is now the leading cause of death among US women aged 20 to 59.

Supplement users want information on maintaining good health, and supplement companies are often excellent information resources, but Ribbon Nutrition is taking that to a new level with the launch of a non-profit sister organization focused on education and publishing, Pink Penguin Press. Pink Penguin Press’s mission is to educate consumers about the importance of lifestyle factors in disease prevention, particularly breast cancer.

Created to provide funding for Pink Penguin Press and other alternative-minded breast cancer non-profits, Ribbon Nutrition clearly leads with its mission. “We see ourselves more as missionaries than salespeople,” says said company co-founder Stephen Hennessy. “Our mission is to help end breast cancer and we are dedicated to finding like-minded retailers and shoppers who want to make a difference in their lives and the world we live in. Fortunately, there are a lot of great people who care.”

While Ribbon Nutrition’s products are of the highest quality and efficacy, what truly distinguishes and differentiates the company is their charitable giving. Ribbon’s products are stickered on top with the Million Dollar Flip logo. When monies donated reach this milestone, the company will – with great fanfare – flip the bottles over. “We wanted it to be clear through our donation program that we are first and foremost a mission-driven company,” says co-founder Jim Powers.

This is where the non-profit partners really lend a hand. While donations from Ribbon Nutrition help fuel the non-profits, the non-profits help spread the message of holistic health to the masses. Organizations such as Women Beyond Cancer, BreastCancer.org, and Life Saving Email make it their mission to have a major impact on breast cancer. “We specifically chose to work with these organizations because, like us, they believe that the end to breast cancer lies in prevention, in the lifestyle choices we make every day,” says Stephen. Women Beyond Cancer co-founder Lola Bogue says “We thank Ribbon Nutrition for publicizing the importance of addressing women’s health issues in a holistic way.”

Ribbon Nutrition also makes it easy for consumers to make a difference—be it simply by purchasing Ribbon Nutrition products or by arming them with the knowledge to make significant changes in their lives. “As a part of our mission to help bring an end to breast cancer, we talk a lot about how that is truly possible. Prevention is the key and by making better lifestyle choices, whether it’s concerning your diet or the cleaners you use in your home or the deodorant you roll-on every morning, you can make a difference in your health and your family’s health,” says Stephen. “Self-education and self-empowerment are at the heart of our efforts. We’re not here to tell people what to think or what choices to make, we just want to help provide access to the information individuals need to make their own informed, healthy decisions,” adds Jim.

Ribbon Nutrition is already an example of the power individuals have to make significant change happen. And they are literally just getting started. For more information please call Stephen Hennessy at 404-441-6683 or Jim Powers at 941-779-5940.

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