Unique Service Offers Summaries of Business Books Using Powerful Mind Mapping Technique that Slashes Reading Time and Dramatically Enhances Learning and Retention

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Mind Mapping has been growing in popularity in recent times. Bill Gates calls Mind Mapping as the technology that will change our thinking. This company plans on providing Business Book Summaries in Mind Map format.

BusinessBookMindMap.com offers summaries of business books in a Mind Map format; a technique that utilizes both hemispheres of the brain for gathering information and adopts mnemonic methods to commit them into long term memory. Mind Map business book summaries are highly valuable digest of information for easy reading, comprehension, recall and review.

British psychologist, Tony Buzan, devised the Mind Map technique based on Dr. Roger Sperry’s noble-prize winning research on the brain and memory. Mind Maps uses colorful images and arranges keywords in a radiant, non-linear relationship for easy absorption and identification. This stimulates both left and right hemispheres of the brain for holistic learning and recall. The colors and images used capture imagination and adapts to the way the brain processes information.

Mind Mapping has been growing in popularity in the business world. An estimated 300 million people around the world use Mind Maps today. Bill Gates in a recent Newsweek article says “…a new generation of ‘mind-mapping’ software can also be used as a digital 'blank slate' to help connect and synthesize ideas and data—and ultimately create new knowledge… It [Mind Map Technology] will literally transform how we think—and help us finally realize the potential of a truly global knowledge economy.”

“As someone who has created over 5000 Mind Maps, I know how quickly information is grasped and absorbed by using this method. Since this technique is based on the structure of how our brain learns, it is amazing how fast information can be gathered, assimilated, and recalled,” explains Dr. Vj Mariaraj, founder and CEO of BusinessBookMindMap.com.

Each 5 page Mind Map Book Summary provides details on the author, publisher, book rating, key core ideas, comprehensive summary of the entire book, and important quotes from the book, without any loss to the content value of the book. The crisp presentation of facts in key words and phrases serves as mental hooks, while color and pictures ensure a lasting impression. Mind Map book summaries are the shortest route to getting at the core facts of a book.

Entrepreneurs, professionals of all kinds and students, can benefit immensely from this new service to stay ahead of the latest strategies, concepts, ideas and principles.

The CEO further adds, “In the current fast pace life, time indeed is the scarcest commodity. That is why I decided to use this proven technique of Mind Mapping to effectively handle the unceasing tide of information flooding the business world. The Mind Map book summaries save valuable time and effort in reading, remembering, recalling and reviewing. It is like a digitized capsule for processing and digesting information quickly.”

The BusinessBookMindMap.com website offers Mind Map Summaries of 52 Business Books a year for $197 along with bonuses worth more than $1000. There is also a sample Mind Map book summary available for free on their website. http://BusinessBookMindMap.com


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