New Unisys ClearPath Systems and Software Expand Customers’ Choices in Building Secure Real-Time Infrastructure

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Enhancements to enterprise servers improve performance 30 to 40 percent over previous high-end models; help customers create composite applications for agility to support dynamic business requirements

As their longstanding trusted partner, we want to maximize our customers’ choices in enterprise computing, enabling them to modernize and extend their IT and data center environments to meet constantly evolving business demands.

Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced the most powerful and open models ever in its ClearPath line of mainframe systems, as well as software that enables customers to transform and modernize their application environments by creating Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA).

The key products announced today include:

Integrated software tools, available with associated services, for the ClearPath OS2200 and MCP operating environments as well as for Microsoft Windows .NET, Linux and Java EE. These are designed to provide customers with complete choice and flexibility in extending their application environments to SOA in any way they choose; ClearPath Dorado Models 380 and 390 and Libra Models 680 and 690. Leveraging capabilities in new level 11 releases of the OS2200 and MCP operating environments, these high-end advanced systems boost performance by more than 40 percent and 30 percent, respectively, over predecessor models and give customers a range of options for improved cost of ownership.

These new products provide ClearPath customers with greater agility and pay-per-use options in deploying a real-time infrastructure that directly and dynamically allocates resources to support strategic business processes.

The new software and systems advance Unisys commitment to enhance ClearPath customers’ choices. They represent the latest offerings in Unisys move toward its next-generation, Intel-based open architecture that seamlessly hosts the ClearPath OS2200 and MCP operating environments, as well as Microsoft Windows and Linux, in a fully virtualized environment. (See related press release).

“These powerful new ClearPath capabilities demonstrate Unisys ongoing commitment to make significant investments in innovation for our ClearPath customers,” said Leo Daiuto, president, Systems & Technology, Unisys. “As their longstanding trusted partner, we want to maximize our customers’ choices in enterprise computing, enabling them to modernize and extend their IT and data center environments to meet constantly evolving business demands.”

Software Points the Way with Automation, Business Connectivity

The new integrated software tools, based on the Unisys 3D Visible Enterprise (3D-VE) approach, enable customers to adopt a SOA to modernize their application environment without rebuilding it completely, and, at the same time, protect their existing investments in business-critical applications and information.

Key new integrated software tools for ClearPath systems include:

Agile Business Suite, a powerful software toolset that enables fast, economical creation of SOA through open, model-driven applications combining the advantages of proven 4GL application development tools with deployment for .NET, Java EE, and COBOL environments. (See backgrounder for additional details); Maximum Operations and System Trust (MOST), integrated software tools that automate many system management and resource allocation functions and protect ClearPath operations in a heterogeneous environment against unforeseen downtime and delays; New OS2200 and MCP capabilities, integrated into the new release 11 of each system, including Java EE and open source capabilities to integrate data from the ClearPath database and transaction environments into secure, portable Java-based applications; ClearPath ePortal, secure integration solutions for web and mobile services that can reduce the development and deployment cycle by 50% or more, while securely integrating existing application into a SOA.

ClearPath customers can also take advantage of Unisys Open and Secure Integrated Solutions (OASIS), a certified set of software suites for enterprise computing based on open source software and open standards.

Newest ClearPath Systems Provide Greater Performance and Provisioning

The new Dorado and Libra models further Unisys evolution to the Intel server architecture announced today, permitting Intel and CMOS processors to co-exist in a dynamically provisioned environment. They also feature partitioning capabilities for effective balancing of application workloads among coexisting OS2200, MCP, Microsoft Windows and Linux environments.

The new ClearPath Dorado Models 380 and 390 support up to 32 processors and deliver performance more than 40 percent beyond that of previous high-end ClearPath models. They represent the high end of the new 300 Series, which also includes entry-level and mid-range models. Their new companion XPC-L record lock processor provides clustering for up to four Dorado servers.

The new ClearPath Libra Models 680 and 690, comprising the new 600 Series, increase performance more than 30 percent over predecessor models. Each module of the Libra 680 and 690 is pre-configured with a complement of processors, memory, communications, and I/O resources that the customer can activate in real time via license keys in response to increasing business demands.

As an environmental advantage, the new Dorado 300 and Libra 600 Series provide immediate compliance with the European Community RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances) mandate.

Advanced Provisioning Links Performance to Economics

The new Dorado and Libra models provide a choice of provisioning capabilities that translate real-time infrastructure performance into economic advantage:

Capacity-on-demand to automatically meet infrastructure resource requirements driven by dynamic changes in the business environment; Pay-per-use, by which customers pay only for the exact amount of processing power they use, as they use it, monitored by state-of-the-art metering; Automatic performance distribution for business continuity, which not only reallocates workloads across a single processor module in the event of a processor failure, but also increases performance of the remaining processors; User-processor set, which allows applications to be separated within a partition to eliminate contention, allocate increased performance to specific processors and ensure that application service level agreements are met; Workload management, allowing customers to establish performance criteria for specific workloads based on their business rules and adjust processing resources to meet those goals.

Those options not only drive economic efficiencies, but also enable higher visibility into how computing resources must be allocated to support strategic business processes in real time while eliminating underutilization and the accompanying overhead.

The San Diego County Office of Education, which provides a wide range of services for the county’s 42 public school districts, put in a first-day order for a ClearPath Libra 690, which takes advantage of the system’s support for both the Unisys MCP operating environment and Microsoft Windows, running on an integrated Intel processor module.

“The ClearPath 690 will enable the County Office of Education to provide teachers, administrators and parents with valuable student and school information,” said Lora Duzyk, assistant superintendent of Business Services for the County Office of Education. “We will be able to continue with our current applications, while also providing local school districts with new ones on the open Wintel module. And with ClearPath’s pay-for-use buying model, we expect to get the most value for our dollar, which is extremely important to the County Office of Education and our local school districts.”

Learn more about Unisys ClearPath enhancements.

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