Discovering Infidelity

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Catching your lover cheatng is easier than it sounds, according to this private investigator. How a few clicks on the Web and a few dollars can confirm your suspicions or ease your mind.

The realization of infidelity brings on a number of truly horrible feelings. But the mere suspicion of a lover cheating can feel nearly as bad. Before one can “move on” they must find the truth. There are a number of signs -- for those willing to enter that web -- that can help locate the truth. A seasoned investigator claims to have the easiest and most affordable route to discovery.

“Some people just don’t want to know,” says infidelity investigator Mark McAlpin of “Others just don’t know how. We can’t help the former.”

But for those who are willing to find the truth, he says it isn’t that difficult. The information is generally available, he says, if you enter the suspected party’s head.

“Sometimes you have to enter their mind -- really think like a cheater.”

But the curious need to be able to see the search through, he warns. If people begin searching for answers and aren’t willing to stay on course, it does more harm than good.

“At that point, the waters are muddied. You don’t want to have trust issues and hurt feelings in a relationship if you are grasping at straws and have no real reason to suspect your 'other' of seeing other people.”

But for those basing their suspicions on reasonable information or a pattern of changed behavior, McAlpin says the truth is generally easily discovered. Again, you need to think like a cheater.

“If you want to avoid discovery how are you going to communicate with the other woman or man? You certainly aren’t going to roll out of bed and call them up to say ‘good morning.’

"In attempts to communicate on the sly, over 90% of cheaters use their cell phones. Even if they live with their spouse, there is still a pervading feeling of secrecy associated with one’s own cell phone. So usually the suspicious party need only see the number the cell phone called or received calls from, and have that number reversed.”

Hardly surprising advice considering McAlpin’s company specializes in reverse lookup phone number searches. Even so, he’s probably right-on with his percentages.

Although the research was not related to the methods of communication, the figures have consistently shown that huge numbers of cheating spouses and even more in unmarried relationships communicate even more with their partners in lust via cell phones than in emails. With those odds, it only makes sense to have lookup search done on the number and see who is talking to your significant other.

The reverse cell phone lookup search will return the name and billing address associated with the cell phone number submitted. McAlpin cautions that sometimes paranoid people order reverse lookup in a panic, not realizing that the non-offending number belonged to a person in their family or someone they knew. And sometimes they are relieved, he said.

A series of articles on the company’s web site is currently detailing various signs of infidelity and even the harassment that can manifest itself after the number search has led to discovery of the affair.

Number lookup searches are far and away the quickest method of catching someone cheating, the investigator claims, as communicating in such a way gives the cheater the illusion of safety.

“The cell phone gives the affair mobility and convenience,” says Steve Hunter, a retired law enforcement profiler who shares McAlpin’s reasoning.

“There is a psychological safety net associated with personal cell phone communications. That and the fact that cheating spouses can call the other person on their way home, touch base with them, relay information, plan a rendezvous or whatever, and hang up before they pull into their own driveway and no one is any the wiser. It’s fast, convenient and generally thought to be safe from discovery.”

McAlpin says that although his company never asks such information of its customers, he knows that about eighty-five percent of his clients are searching for proof of infidelity.

“When over 8 out of 10 reverse lookup searches requested by women return a woman’s name, and the same for the men’s request, it is pretty apparent that these people are trying to discover some sort of infidelity.”

McAlpin expects that percentage to increase “well into the 90s” as more people become aware of the ease with which people can catch their spouse in a lie and/or a case of infidelity.

He advises the concerned to look for the signs and, if strange calls are incoming or outgoing, particularly at times that the significant other is alone, to go ahead and order the reverse lookup.

An industry leader, Cellulartrace has been assisting individuals, businesses and law enforcement with obtaining name and address information for years. Even with several offices throughout North America, the agency operates solely through its web site, which offers the lowest price in the investigative industry for cell phone reverse number lookup searches.


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