TriMark Publications Announces Release of Its Pharmacogenomic Testing Markets Report

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TriMark Publications (, a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing, announces the release of its Pharmacogenomic Testing Markets report.

TriMark Publications (, a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing, announces the release of its Pharmacogenomic Testing Markets report. Pharmacogenomics—the science of individualizing drug therapy based upon the genetic makeup of individual patients—offers an unusual opportunity for future market growth. Applying pharmacogenomics would allow doctors to treat specific segments of the population based on their particular responses to a drug. The knowledge of the likely effectiveness of a drug in a patient makes the drug more reliable, and fewer drugs would have to be taken off the market due to adverse reactions in some of the patients to whom they were administered. This study is arranged to provide an overview of pharmacogenomic testing market segments. Each segment is accompanied by analysis and forecasts by product type and application.

The principal objectives of this examination are to:

  •     Identify viable technology drivers through a comprehensive look at various platform technologies for pharmacogenomic testing segments of the diagnostic testing markets.
  •     Obtain a complete understanding of the important pharmacogenomic targets and their diagnostic test value, and to gain an understanding of these elements from their basic principles to their applications.
  •     Discover feasible market opportunities by identifying high-growth applications in different pharmacogenomic diagnostic testing areas, with a focus on the largest and expanding markets concerned with diseases.
  •     Focus on global industry development through an in-depth analysis of the major world markets for pharmacogenomic diagnostic testing.
  •     Present market figures regarding the current value of the pharmacogenomic testing market, projections and growth rates.
  •     Examine the use of pharmacogenomic testing in pharmaceutical drug development and show specific examples of its use in development and repositioning of therapeutic agents.

This report will cover the following categories of diagnostic testing segments:

  •     Pharmacogenomic testing and clinical applications.
  •     Role of pharmacogenomics in predicting drug response.
  •     Potential of pharmacogenomics in drug development.
  •     Barriers and drivers to pharmacogenomic testing.
  •     Pharmacogenomic disease markers.
  •     Business trends in the industry.
  •     Important technology trends in pharmacogenomics.
  •     Pharmacogenomic corporate profiles.

Analysis includes charts and graphs measuring product growth and trends within the marketplace. Company-specific information, including sales figures, product pipeline status and R&D trends, is provided. Also, this study will endeavor to:

  •     Discuss the potential benefits of the pharmacogenomic diagnostic testing market for various sectors of the medical and scientific communities.
  •     Establish the current total market size and future growth of the pharmacogenomic diagnostic testing market and analyze the current size and growth of individual segments.
  •     Discuss profit opportunities by pharmacogenomic testing segment.
  •     Provide strategic recommendations for near-term business opportunities.
  •     Assess current commercial uses of the pharmacogenomic diagnostic testing market.

Additionally, the report contains:

  •     Full descriptions of the technologies involved and how these differ from existing and emerging technologies.
  •     An analysis of the technological approaches undertaken by the various competitors, and industry and end-user responses to these products.
  •     Regulatory issues and legislation affecting use and marketing of products.

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About TriMark Publications, LLC

Based in New York City, TriMark Publications is a global leader in the biotechnology, healthcare and life sciences publishing. Market research reports include:

  •     Bioinformatics Markets
  •     Blood Gas Instrumentation Data Processing
  •     Cancer Diagnostic Testing World Markets
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  •     Disposable Syringe Markets
  •     DNA Sequencing and PCR Markets
  •     Genomics World Markets
  •     High-Growth Diagnostic Tests Markets
  •     Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
  •     Key Diagnostic Testing Markets
  •     Mammography World Markets
  •     Microarray Markets
  •     Microscopy Markets
  •     Molecular Diagnostics Markets
  •     Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor Markets
  •     Over-the-Counter Diagnostic Products Markets
  •     Pharmacogenomic Testing Markets
  •     Point of Care Diagnostic Testing World Markets
  •     Veterinary Health Markets
  •     Women's Health: Diagnostic Tests

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Important Notice

The statements contained in this news release that are forward-looking are based on current expectations that are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks, and actual results may differ materially.


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