The Anunnaki Come to Life in World Premier of "1Anunnaki," the Full-Length Movie by Jaguar Films.

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Darwin was wrong. World Exclusive. X-Squared Radio: Where the Past meets the Future, is the perfect place to learn about the upcoming full-length digital movie, "1Anunnaki." This is the movie that changes everything you know about alien activities on Earth, mankind, evolution and creation.

The first digital movie in the Anunnaki Trilogy will set the time and place where mankind made its greatest leap forward, with the help of the Anunnaki. Was there intervention in the development of early mankind? Were there really fallen angels on ancient Earth? Is intellegent design really a plausible alternative for creation or evolution? Is Nibiru really the Planet X recorded in ancient documents? This film, written and directed by Jon Gress of Jaguar Films, is the first full-length digital movie every done on the subject. You only think you know your Bible or the true origin of the Earth. Jon Gress will appear on X-Squared Radio on July 23rd at 6PM Eastern time for a world premier inerview about the new movie. It is the fastest growing scientific talk radio progam in North America for many reasons. The best guests. The best subjects. Scientist turned radio host. And the best talk radio on Earth is free to the listener live Sundays from 6-9PM and through archives 24 hours a day at Tune in and call in live during the program.

Don't miss this world exclusive interview. If you're interested in the Anunnaki, ancient involvement of aliens with mankind, or the mysteries of the Sumerians you must not pass up this opportunity. The story behind the trilogy is true. The evidence is stunning. This movie will leave every movie in the genre in the dark.

The way Dr. Agnew can bring out the best in his guests is what has pushed his radio program to the top of the talk radio world. We might go a little past your imagination, but have no fear, you will be traveling with us. Keep your arms inside the vehicle, lean back and look out the window as we launch X-Squared Radio.


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