Dr Joseph Dello Russo, Lasik Surgeon Featured on Sirius Satellite Radio

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Dr Joseph Dello Russo answers frequesntly asked questions about Lasik Surgery as guest speaker on Martha Stewart Health Program.

Dr Joseph Dello Russo was a guest speaker on the Martha Stewart Health Program on Sirius Satellite Radio and answered the following questions to help inform potential patients about Lasik procedures.

Are all laser surgeries LASIK?

No. LASIK Surgery (Laser-assisted In Situ Keratomileusis) refers to the correction of nearsightedness, astigmatism or farsightedness by use of a laser after a layer from the top of the cornea has been lifted. It's a two-step process: vision correction by lifting the top layer of the cornea (the flap), reshaping the cornea with a laser and then putting the flap back down.

The first procedure ever done for laser visual correction surgery was Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK) where a laser was used to reshape the cornea directly without a flap. It is a one-step procedure - now known as Surface Laser Treatment. Some people still undergo PRK.

In order to have LASIK surgery, you need to have enough thickness in the cornea (remember, the procedure involves a flap). If your cornea is too thin for a flap, then you will need to undergo PRK surgery. There are very sophisticated tests now used to determine whether your cornea is thick enough for LASIK.

What can people expect in terms of pain when they get LASIK surgery?

Assuming you are having LASIK surgery, there is relatively little discomfort after the surgery. There is a new trend, developed approximately four years ago utilizing two lasers: one to create the flap in the cornea and the other to reshape the cornea. This is safer because you are using a laser instead of a blade.

Do patients need a referral from their primary doctor?

No. LASIK surgery is an elective surgery. As a result, this surgery is not covered by any insurance.

Can people who've undergone previous laser surgeries undergo the surgery again?

People who've had PRK surgery previously do not make good laser patients because the structure of the eye has been changed and the results are no longer predictable in treating with a laser. People who've had LASIK surgery can have it again, if necessary, as long there's nothing wrong with the cornea.

There have been many discounts offered by doctors for laser surgery. What is the average price for laser surgery?

The average price is $1,500 - $2,500/eye. Be wary of the discounted prices because you may not be receiving the most potentially beneficial treatment. Make sure you read all the fine print (i.e. hidden fees and such).

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