Best Lottery Syndicate Launches New Web Site

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Best Lottery Syndicate has launched a new website of the same name. The new site will emphasize the importance of mathematical principles in the application of the way syndicates work, and will provide members with enhanced electronic means to buy and monitor lottery tickets.

Best Lottery Syndicate, a division of Inteltab, the Internet entertainment group, has launched a new website, called simply Best Lottery Syndicate. Its theme presupposes that the best way of winning any lottery must be based on mathematical laws, and that central to these is the emphasis on the enhanced probabilities of winning that come from joining a syndicate.

Analysts project that an annual lottery revenue (those playing any lottery, anywhere in the world) of $7.4 billion USD in 2004, will soar to $18.3 billion USD by 2010 (source: Lottery Insider and e-Lottery).

Best Lottery Syndicate's Chief Executive Officer Anna Deakin, an actuary with ten years' experience in the market research industry, said that the UK National Lottery was exactly the right lottery for development and exploitation of the extended lottery syndication process.

"The UK lottery has all the hallmarks and potential for successful syndication and development," she said. "In terms of sheer scale it has almost unbeatable potential, and it is also run in the fairest manner imaginable."

In the UK alone, it is estimated that 20 million people regularly play just the National Lottery every week. "That's 48 per cent of the adult population", said Deakin, "and they spend in excess of 1 billion sterling per annum." Best Lottery Syndicate's target is to gain 0.2 per cent of that market by the end of 2008, purely by making people aware of the statistical advantages of syndication.

There are UK National Lottery players registered in 127 different countries. "This is truly a global market," says Deakin, "and we aim to build a community of people who see themselves as investors rather than as gamblers." The automation of the system will also provide members with enhanced electronic means to buy and monitor lottery tickets. "Each player will be given their own web site. It will be like having a lottery ticket machine at home."

Best Lottery Syndicate is open to the public and free to access by anyone who is interested in games of chance and probability theory. It makes no claims or promises about winning the lottery, although its syndicate's past performance and the potential gains of its members are given on the web site at

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