Oddsmakers Lay Even Odds Iran Bombed by End of 2006

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Opening of Iranian Oil Bourse (IOB) which is trading in Euros not Dollars, an over-looked reason for US hostility towards Iran. Other major countries currently considering Petro-Euro and directly challenging dominance of the dollar. Whether it's to help stem a potentially collapsing dollar or the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, military options are likely to ignite unimaginable series of global events. Alexander Kiy, author of fiction novel: 'Fear Kindness Love /Earth Ascending 2012' (Lulu Press) offers readers heart-felt hope in surviving the difficult times ahead.

The odds that the USA and/or Israel execute an overt Air Strike against Iran by December 31, 2006 are currently "even" according to "futures trading" website:tradesports.com (As of 6-26-06: "Bid" 13 /"Ask" 13.8).

The Iranian government has finally developed the financial equivalent of a nuclear strike against the US with the establishment of its own oil exchange, which has begun trading oil in Euros rather than US dollars. Iran registered its own Oil Bourse on May 5, 2006. The expressed goal of the Iranian Oil Bourse (IOB) is allegedly to become the dominant center for Middle East oil trade, thereby dislodging the US dollar which has long been the dominant currency for international oil trade.

The dollar currently accounts for more than two thirds of all central banks resources worldwide, because up until now all international oil transactions have had to be in US dollars. Some of the major oil-producing countries such as Venezuela and a few of the other larger oil consuming countries, most notably China and India,have already announced their support for the IOB.

Only months after the euro-launch Saddam Hussein announced that Iraq was switching from buying oil in dollars only, to euros only -- breaking the OPEC agreement. Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Libya, all began talking openly of switching too. Experts point to the fact that the Iraq invasion in 2003 took place only after Saddam Hussein

refused to accept dollars as a payment medium for Iraq's exports and Oil for Food program choosing Euros instead.

Currently almost all the world's oil is sold on either the New York Mercantile Exchange(NYMEX), and London's International Petroleum Exchange (IPE). Both of these exchanges 'sell' and 'buy' only in US dollars. Europe currently buys 70% of it's oil from Iran, a strong indicator that the IOB would likely succeed. Another fundamental to consider is Russia, who already sells 66% of its oil to Europe. Not to make matters worse for the US, but both China and India have already expressed interest in the new Iranian Oil Bourse as well.

Exercising military options under the pretext of thwarting nuclear proliferation in the Middle East may be the US's only direct option, yet it comes with the risk of further isolating itself in the eyes of the world community. Attacking Iran with perhaps nuclear weapons would likely incite massive financial upheaval. The inflation caused by possible $120 dollars a barrel oil will likely shock markets and the dollar will collapse regardless.

US conflict against Russia and China, might then become inevitable. Opportunistic power-brokers would likely hope to use a worldwide depression to seize assets, and ongoing conflicts to depopulate the planet. Survivors would need to 'buy-in' to a single transnational global culture.

Alexander Kiy author of novel: 'Fear Kindness Love / Earth Ascending 2012' (Lulu Press) believes that Earth's carrying capacity to sustain the energy demands of 6.5 billion people has long been breached. Earth is being plundered at an unsustainable rate, more people are using more resources more intensively than ever before. This entertaining fiction novel hopes to both ease and guide people through this most difficult of times with awareness that humans (either individually or collectively) are essentially intergalactic light-beings with a future truly born of the stars.

Fear Kindness Love / Earth Ascending 2012 is available in print and download through "Lulu (http://www.lulu.com), the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books."

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