What’s Your Diet Personality? The Diet Channel Announces Launch of Diet Personality Quiz

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The Diet Personality Quiz is one part fun and one part science. The quiz is designed to help dieters identify a weight loss plan that fits their personality and eating behavior. Are you an Office Space Dieter, a Couch Potato Dieter, or a Sexy Dieter?

What’s Your Diet Personality? Are you an Office Space Dieter, a Couch Potato Dieter, or a Sexy Dieter? Recently launched by the TheDietChannel.com, the Diet Personality Quiz is one part fun and one part science.

The quiz is designed to help dieters identify a weight loss plan that fits both their personality and eating behavior. The Diet Personality Quiz consists of approximately 20 multiple choice questions. After a person completes the quiz, the answers are assessed and each person is assigned the most appropriate diet personality based on the answers they provide. (Bloggers interested in adding the quiz to their site can copy the html code here: http://www.thedietchannel.com/dietquiz/code.htm.)

The Diet Channel has identified 10 diet personality types of which 3 are matched to each person by relevance. The 10 personality types are:

•The Overeater - Overeaters, like most people in western culture, simply eat too much. It's not their fault that restaurants continue to make portions larger, thereby setting the generally accepted portion size standards higher and higher. That doesn’t change the fact that they need to lose weight. Given that overeating is their weight loss challenge, chances are good that a portion control diet is what The Overeater needs.

•The Office Space Dieter - Office Space Dieters generally eat a healthy balanced diet but, because their daily lives are lethargic and lack sufficient exercise, their metabolism is slow and they end up gaining weight. Office Space Dieters tend to do well on diet plans that emphasize exercise in addition to a healthy diet.

•The Couch Potato Dieter - Couch Potato Dieters are those people who just can’t say no to high fat, high calorie snack foods. Coach Potato's don’t just overeat; they also eat the wrong foods. Coach Potato’s tend to lose weight on diets that focus on caloric intake.

•The Health Conscious Dieter - Health Conscious Dieters are those people who, either because they have a health condition or want to prevent one, choose to follow a specific diet plan geared towards that health condition. Common diet programs built around health conditions are heart healthy diets, low cholesterol diets, low sodium diets, low fat diets, diabetic diets, and lactose intolerant diets.

•The Socially Active Dieter - The Socially Active Dieter is that person who wants to lose weight but needs a diet program that fits their socially active lifestyle. Socially Active Dieters dine out frequently and often spend evenings and weekends in group gatherings were the menu is often beyond their control. As such, they need a diet plan that requires little maintenance or meal planning on their behalf. Portion control diets tend to work well for Socially Active Dieters.

•The Swimsuit Dieter - The Swimsuit Dieter is the woman (though it could be a man these days!) who isn’t generally overweight but would like to lose a few pounds to squeeze into the swimsuit in a few weeks. "Swimsuiters" tend to lean towards diet plans where they can lose a few pounds fast. Low-carb diets and high fiber diets tend to be popular with the Swimsuit Dieter.

•The Tipping Point Dieter - Tipping Point Dieters are those people who wake up one morning and decide they have simply had enough. They admit to themselves that they have gained as much weight as they can possibly tolerate and they are willing to make substantial lifestyle changes to turn things around. Tipping Point Dieters tend to embrace long term weight loss programs as well as programs that emphasize healthy eating along with exercise.

•The Realistic Dieter - Realistic Dieters know their limitations. They understand they need to lose weight but know themselves well enough to understand they won't be successful at starving themselves. Realistic Dieters tend to find success with high fiber diets where they feel full but can still lose weight.    

•The Emotional Eater - Emotional Eaters are those people who generally eat a healthy diet but, when confronted with emotional stress, tend to overeat and consume high fat, carb heavy "comfort foods". Emotional Eaters often find success with weight loss programs that include access to a support network of fellow dieters who can offer encouragement through emotionally stressful periods.

•The Serial Dieter - Serial Dieters are those people who seem to bounce from diet to diet without ever achieving lasting weight loss, despite their deep desire to obtain it. Serial Dieters, if they can restrain themselves from habitually switching from diet to diet, can find weight loss success in programs that promote long term weight loss solutions.    

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