Flight Attendant Discovers Way To Top His Employee Discounts

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Airline employees have always received very good discounts throughout the travel industry. They include discounts on hotels, condos, cruises, and rental cars. Mark Hatano, a twelve year flight attendant, has discovered a way to save even more.

Hatano, a twelve year flight attendant for a major airline always thought the travel discounts he received as an airline employee were the best around. That‘s until a friend told him about Coastal Vacations and how their lifetime vacation memberships would save him up to 75% on cruises, condos and most hotels.

In a recent interview, Hatano explained, “One of the best perks of my job has always been the deals we get on travel.” Because he and his family fly for free, their biggest expense when on vacation is lodging.

When a friend introduced him to a the Coastal Vacations membership, he was interested but skeptical. Mark thought, “Lifetime membership huh, probably some kind of time share that costs $40,000 or more. Besides, I already get pretty good discounts on accommodations.” But then Mark discovered their lucrative referral commission of $1000 per sale and he took more time to dig into the Coastal Vacations Club Membership

He was surprised to learn the package could be purchased for as little as $1,295.

After taking a closer look at the packages, Hatano immediately saw their tremendous value. As Hatano said, “I have been traveling all over the world for the past twelve years and I know a good deal when I see one.”

As an airline employee, this was a no-brainer for him. With the free airfare he gets from his job, the discounts he is now able to get on lodging lets him travel for literally pennies on the dollar.

In March of 2006, he was able to get an oceanfront hotel room on Kauai for $174/night. The standard rate was $350. “They were offering an internet special of $229/night for a room one category below this one,” says Hatano. “My Coastal rate blew that away. Even the hotel staff was surprised at my rate.”

Condo rates are even better with weeklong stays starting at $250. Having three kids, Hatano appreciates the convenience and size of a fully equipped condo. Coastal memberships boast versatility. “Hotels, condos, cruises, car rental…you name it, they have it“ gloats Hatano.

The travel discounts were more than he had hoped for, but Hatano was surprised to find out he could make a minimum of $1,000 commission for offering this package to others.

Not being an experienced salesperson, Hatano was attracted to the minimum $1,000 commissions, but not interested in selling the memberships to others.

His friend told him, “You don’t have to sell if you don’t want to. We have a professional call center to do that for you.”

Turns out one can market Coastal Vacations two different ways. One can do it the traditional way where the associate finds and closes his own prospects, also known as “leads” in the direct marketing world.

The other way, which really interested Hatano, utilizes a professional call center that opened in February, 2005.

With the call center, the associate still does their own advertising to get prospects. “This is where it changes,” explains Hatano. “The call center talks to your prospects, explains your business, and closes your sales for you. It is simple to plug into the system and get your business going.”

Hatano emphasizes that he said the system is simple, not easy. “You say easy and everyone thinks this is a way to make a fast buck, but it’s not. This is a business, and you have to treat it like one.”

Because of its rapid success, there have been several copycats of the call center that have popped up. Hatano wants to make it clear that theirs is the original call center in Tempe, Arizona created by Clear Business Solutions. “People want to copy success so I guess that is a compliment,” shrugs Hatano.

With three young kids, he is not able to travel as often as he wants but he says that will soon change because of his Coastal discounts and the freedom that the Coastal Vacation business opportunity has given him. He doesn’t plan to stay with the airlines much longer.

“I want to use my flight benefits as much as possible before I quit. I hate to give up those benefits but to have an opportunity to work out of the home, as a stay at home dad, owning my own home based business, makes it an easy decision. Besides, I know if I put the necessary time into this business, I could easily make 5 times what I make as a flight attendant.“ Then, he says with a smile, “If I can make that kind of money, paying for airfare is not a big deal.”

To this day, Hatano still can’t believe the turn of events. He says, “It’s amazing what started out as a way to compliment my airline employee discounts turned into a lucrative home based business. Being a flight attendant has been fun, but never financially rewarding, plus being away from family, friends and church on weekends can ruin a marriage over time. I don't want that to happen to me, like I have seen time and time again. I never envisioned I would be able to turn one of my passions in life to a great source of income. I feel so Blessed to have this opportunity.”

The sales center is open to speaking to the public about how their unique business model works and is doing a no obligation, free presentation to all who are curious about how they have been able to pay out over $1 Million dollars in commissions over the last year.

To call the sales center, dial 800-378-1169 with ID# 6231MH. To sample their online system, Mark's website can be viewed by visiting http://www.hugetraveldiscounts.com.

Hatano is leading the push for dads to stay at home. “We have always known that children thrive when Moms are able to stay home. Can you imagine what it does for our children if BOTH Mom and Dad could stay home? With over 70% of the population looking for a home based business opportunity, stay at home dads could be the next revolution.”

About Mark Hatano:

Mark Hatano grew up in Hawaii, but now lives in Minnesota. He and his wife have been Blessed with three wonderful boys. He has a number of internet home based businesses and is an avid traveler.


Mark Hatano



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