Brainstorming Website Set to Transform How Employees Make Contact And Collaborate

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A small UK company, AFPoE® Ltd has developed a new internet technology which enables employees to initiate and manage live online collaborations with employees in other companies/organizations elsewhere - removing the awkwardness, embarrassment and other difficulties often associated with networking. AFPoE already has members in almost forty countries and is seeking a larger player to help manage its forecasted exponential growth and exploit the resulting marketing opportunities.

A Fresh Pair of Eyes

AFPoE Ltd ( has developed a new web-based technology which enables employees to send webmails and chat online in total confidence, with those in other companies/organizations who can lend a hand in some way, usually as a result of personal experience.

AFPoE (which stands for “A Fresh Pair of Eyes” and is pronounced “af-po”) is most easily thought of as an interactive online version of Yellow Pages®, which instead of listing products and services, confidentially lists the skills, knowledge and know-how (SKK) of employees across the globe.

Until now, it has been extremely difficult for the vast majority of employees (most of whom are averse to networking) to locate employees in other companies/organizations who may be able to offer them help, advice, information etc, which could assist them enormously at work and save them (and their companies/organizations) huge amounts of wasted time “re-inventing the wheel”.

The new technology aims to remove the trepidation often felt by employees when making initial contact with those in other companies/organizations. This is achieved by enabling “first contact” to be made by both parties confidentially and then if the online relationship develops, further personal contact (and other) information can be offered (or not) - all of which is carefully managed by the AFPoE website’s relationship management tools.

Current AFPoE members are overjoyed at the self-development opportunities which AFPoE presents and employers too are delighted that their employees can now communicate with those in other companies/organizations who can act as personal advisers. Subsequently, employers enjoy having a self-assured, motivated, fearless workforce with the confidence and ability to tackle anything that comes their way. AFPoE is also proving to be an invaluable continuing professional development and Investors in People tool.

Bearing in mind that employees such as those involved in sales and marketing, constantly network with those in other companies elsewhere, it is surprising that to date, no one has developed a website that enables employees to rapidly gather together an online team of employees drawn from other companies/organizations who can help out by providing a few minutes assistance. It is AFPoE’s aim to resolve this shortcoming.

AFPoE’s MD Roy Crossfield explains “We have developed the AFPoE concept over the past three years with the aim of dramatically improving the working lives of employees at all levels, including those who are self-employed, disabled, unemployed or retired. We have aimed to achieve this by enabling them to collaborate and find solutions to work-related problems and issues - and as a result, to self-develop. There are some 6.45 billion people on the planet of which 2.8 billion are employees – all of whom would benefit greatly from having access to AFPoE. The vast majority of employees have unresolved problems, issues and challenges and few if any, useful contacts to assist them. Almost all have no easy way of approaching employees in other organizations who may have just solved the very problem, issue or challenge they are struggling with. Enabling employees to help others by brainstorming out solutions to problems and offering carefully managed help, advice and information via their skills, knowledge and know-how can only be a good thing – and a wise investment in the employee’s own future.”

What makes AFPoE stand out from the crowd, is that it provides the means for both solutions to problems, issues, challenges etc to be found, as well as presenting an opportunity for valuable employee relationships to evolve, ranging from brief, anonymous one-off or infrequent exchanges, through to regular online chats, on-site visits and even lifelong business relationships. All of which is carefully managed by AFPoE's proprietary relationship management tools.

The lifeblood of AFPoE revolves around the rating and testimonial system. When AFPoE members provide assistance to fellow members, they can receive a testimonial and performance points. This then allows a member’s performance within the community to be assessed by others, all of which can have a strong bearing on the quantity and quality of assistance received.

AFPoE offers its services totally free of charge to the unemployed. In exchange for their SKK, unemployed AFPoE members are provided with subsistence expenses (if a visit is warranted) and a reference/testimonial from the member being assisted – more of which can only improve the chances of landing a job. Retired “employees” are also offered the services of AFPoE free, in exchange for their SKK and usually also receive subsistence expenses, where visits to members’ companies/organizations are necessary - and often a small fee for their efforts. Thus those who have retired are encouraged to continue to provide their services into their later years – for the benefit of others – in exchange for an all-expenses paid trip and a little extra cash. AFPoE also provides its services free of charge to disabled people.

AFPoE would now like to join forces with a larger player in the market with the aim of seeking assistance with its forecasted exponential growth and exploitation of the new marketing opportunities which AFPoE has unearthed - along with further development of its fully operational prototype website

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