A New Rising Star has Stepped into the Literary Arena with a Torrid New Contemporary Novel of Fire and Romance Entitled One Last Tear One Last Kiss

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Love is the most powerful driving force in the universe. It can be wonderfully fulfilling, or obsessive to the point of insanity. It can drive people to the limits of their imaginations, and beyond. Bennett's novel explores the depths of that kind of love, how it drives a man called Santana Priest until the agony of it scars his very soul. You'll try to understand his complexities, and be angered by his stubbornness as he pursues the elusive Cyntice. His strength of character is tested, his vulnerability exposed, and their foolishness may cost both their lives ... and the lives of people they love.

A new rising star has stepped into the literary arena with his torrid new contemporary novel of fire and romance entitled One Last Tear One Last Kiss. Author Paul Bennett has thrown down the gauntlet to challenge the established romantic fare with this fast paced novel of one man's struggle to find love, and what he endures to keep it. You'll question the tenacity of Priest's love, hypnotized by the sweet heat of Cyntice's sensuality, and share in the volcanic explosion of their passion. One Last Tear One Last Kiss is now available through Borders, Barnes & Nobles, Walden Books, AuthorHouse, Amazon and many other online outlets.

Los Angeles-Santana Priest is a man who has tasted the sweetness of success, but not success itself. He's been touched by warmth of love, but has never felt the full rapture of its consuming embrace. He is also a man who has killed, but who isn't a killer. A college All-American wide receiver, he was drafted into the pros, but an injury derails his football career. His determination drives him to become an elite Navy Seal, honoring the memory of his deceased uncle, but Priest is haunted by the tragedy of his last mission that went terribly wrong. A divorced single father of twin sons, he becomes a head football coach and chases the dreams of a championship, and what he wants most of all ... love. However fate has challenged Priest with the curse of his past, daring him to fight for his future.

Cyntice Caldwell a divorced, beautiful, and successful TV news woman appears to be the answer to Priest's prayers. However, the painful baggage of her former life stalks her with the relentless purpose of denying her happiness, is committed to the ultimate goal of destroying her, and now intends to take Priest down with her. Mistrust, self-doubt, and the fear of falling in love again are her enemies, but Priest could be her salvation, if she would just let him. There's a dark void between them that continually cross as they can't seem to stay together or apart. There's nothing more frightening than hearts in love filled confusion, doubt and fear.

They are swept away riding a roller coaster of raw passion, the searing sensual fire of their intimacy that will scorch the very soul of your libido. You'll ask if such ecstasy is possible, and can love be that real, or is the melting heat of their lust all that binds them together?

Priest and Cyntice decide to find out, and take a romantic trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. There they hoping to find what they both need. Do they have a strong enough faith in their relationship, most importantly, trust in each other. They are unaware they have been tracked down by a man with one thing on his mind, to possess Cyntice one last time ... then kill them both.


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