Novice Entrepreneurs Hit Jackpot With Hybrid Coastal Vacations Business

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Simplicity, flexibility, and support are the keys to the success of the ultra-successful hybrid Coastal Vacations business. While some have struggled for years to perfect all the skills required to operate the old style business, novices are quickly turning profits with the hybrid.

Simplicity, flexibility and support are the keys to achieving financial freedom with the ultra-successful hybrid Coastal Vacations business. Success with the user-friendly business model is not dependent on members possessing or acquiring a long list of skills to make it work. See how it works at .

While many business models offer some sort of blueprint for success, most are too rigidly structured for the average entrepreneur.

The rigidity of the average business model means that to be successful, new business owners will need to posses a particular set of skills. While it is possible to learn, acquire and master the skills, most don't have the time and desire to do so. In a nutshell, that's why most new business ventures fail.

Top salespeople with the old business style admit to failing for years before they perfected their techniques and turned the corner with the new, super duper opportunity they are in now.

Look at the story of the average home based business marketer. They have been involved with several MLM and home based business opportunities before finding one that worked. Some date back to Amway, Prepaid Legal and Herbalife. In their testimonials you will learn how some toiled with as many as 30 different marketing companies and franchises before they struck gold.

Think about it. Why do you seem to hear the same stories over and over again from different people in different business ventures? They all struggled for years before they found what they say is the perfect one.

Further investigation tells you that success with the old style home based business is not necessarily about the business or the dream product. It is about the skills those people learned and mastered with their years of toil.

Their years with Amway may not have produced profits, but they attended seminars. They practiced and honed their skills. Unfortunately, they experienced failure and learned what did not work.

Over time they practiced, improved their selling skills and eventually perfected what to say, and how to say it so prospects said yes.

That is the true secret to success with almost 100% of the home-based business models out there.

Most people don't want to fail for years before they turn a profit. Some can't afford the years of lost money and for baby boomers the clock is ticking and they need profits now.

California based level 3 Director Dean Marino explained how the hybrid Coastal Vacations business model that has taken the home based business arena by storm has allowed novices to strike pay dirt with their very first business.

Marino was a novice himself when he started his first home based business with Coastal Vacations. He replaced his six-figure job income his very first year with his first home based business. Marino explained that the key to success is threefold.

(1) A solid, quality product that is in demand.

As Marino explained; "Without a quality product, you are running a gifting scam. Most people at least aspire to higher morals, but some are attracted to the "get rich quick" message of the scammers.

"Factors that attracted me to Coastal Vacations include the double digit growth of the largest industry in the world---travel and tourism. It’s a high demand product with a 27-year track record for quality.

"Coastal Vacations has thrived as a top rated home based business for 12 years, and people not interested in the business opportunity buy the product for the retail cost or more all the time."

(2) A simple selling system.

Marino explained the perils of conventional systems and why those utilizing the hybrid business model have so much more success; "It's simple why novices struggle with the old business model. Most have never owned a successful business before and now they must acquire all the skills that have taken successful business owners years to learn.

"The conventional business requires them to wear all the hats. They are the marketer, prospector, salesperson, closer, accountant, product procurement director and chief trainer for new associates. Most people don't have the time and patience to learn and perfect all those skills before they start to see profits. Most just give up without making a dime.

"Our hybrid system provides a full time staff to handle many of the details our entrepreneurs find most difficult to master. That shortens the learning curve and the profit curve."

(3) An extensive support system.

As Marino put it; "Even with a simple system, you have to show people how to use it so they can have success. An extensive training website with hours of audio and video training is a great start. We also have live interactive training sessions every week. All my group members get proprietary tools and e-mail training. I also make myself available to my group members 7 days a week for one-on-one help.

"Providing live and recorded conference calls for prospects and a full time staff to explain the business, finalize sales, and even collect the money are support services our members find invaluable. Staff members even ship the product to new members and help plug them into the extensive training system."

New Coastal Vacations associates continue to be sweet talked into the old business model. Some may even get deals or free gifts. For over 95% of them, the gifts often last much longer than any dreams of success they may have had.

The thinking man and woman do the math. They realize the stories don't add up. They understand the skills and hard work required for success the old way.

Learn more about Dean Marino's hybrid Coastal Vacations business at .


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