Using Multimedia in Online Marketing And The Creation Of "Next Generation" Digital Products

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Implementing Multimedia productions into your online marketing promotions and digital product creations.

With the recent surge in broadband internet subscribers in the past 5 years, multimedia based content is becoming more and more of a reality today. As that reality develops, so does the huge opportunity of marketing to that audience. It's the visual production of television commercials combined with the powerful interaction and distribution of broadband internet.

Search engines are now building repositories of videos within its servers, and it won't be long till companies such as google and yahoo exploit that technology to make a profit from it. In fact, Google has now implemented spiders to search for streaming videos that are on websites to enhance the public's thirst for video based content, which will lead webmasters and online marketers building websites that make it easy for search engines to find, thereby enhancing their search engine isibility. Look for other search engines to follow suit to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the internet and online marketing.

It's not just the big companies that are using videos and other multimedia advertising to promote thier products or services, it's the small entrepeneur's who are really making significant promtional material and seeing significant increase in sales and opt-in subscribers. No longer do you need a huge television studios, engineers and expensive equipment to make a decent promotional production. Now all that is needed is a decent camcorder and the proper video editing software and a web host. Most of the equipment can be bought for less than $1,500 dollars, compared to the old days of sometimes spending over $100,000 dollars for a video production.

By using video for online marketing, your target audience receives that message in a much more alluring fashion than your tradional word ads or word-based marketing methods. This captivating method of online advertising creates more of an environment that would be advantageous to online marketers who use them than the ones that don't. It's like having the effectivness of T.V. infomercials, without the production cost than comes with producing T.V. infomercials.

One of the most effective means for infomercials that can be now used on the internet, is the "expert interview". Expert interviews produce great content that potential customers can listen to and see. By these experts being associated with the product or service that your business is promoting, which can produce a strong image and trust with those potential customers.

Digital Products Of The Future:

With multimedia on the cutting edge in promoting your online marketing efforts. The bigger aspect of multimedia may be in the "next generation" of digital products that can be made and distributed via the internet.

One online marketing guru pointed out that "e-books started the informational product wave, but the next big thing in online marketing is definetly multimedia products and marketing techniques to market your product or service."

One of the biggest areas in which digital products can be used for resale, is the educational aspect that multimedia presents. Because this falls into the intellectual property rights as does software making, the products can be made with very little upfront cost, and huge markups after the intial equipment and software is bought to create these multimedia products. But instead of having the skill to develop high tech computer programs, one can create how to eduational videos on practically anything that has a market demand and that the general public will purchase.

Here are some of the biggest use for multimedia for next generation digital products:

1. Creating multimedia to promote - These productions are mainly going to online informercials that conveys your company's message about their product or services.

2. How to Products - There is a huge market for this because you can    literally teach and show anyone step by step how to do anything. New software also also you to capture desktop movement and record it so that you can create tutorials that are computer based.

3. Using multimedia products as your main product to sell - These products would be tele-seminars, webinars and podcasts. These products can also have the ease of distribution via the internet or using dvd's and cd's instead of expensive paper based course materials.

In conclusion, the new wave of online marketing using multimedia has recently started getting popular. For cutting edge marketers that install these different mediums of multimedia in their promotions, there is bound to have a great affect on creating a buzz about the product

or service.

Next generation digital products also is an up and coming

exploding market that hords of potential customers are thirsting to for. Again, just look at the search engines as they slowly implement video and other multimedia into their infrastructure. They've alreay did the R&D on the subject by spending millions, and the conclusions are that multimedia is the future of online marketing and digital products distributed by the internet. If it wasn't, you certainly wouldn't see them putting video content on their servers.


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