MinuteWatcher 2.0 Helps Families Save Money on Cell Phone Costs

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Shared wireless minutes are a great solution for families to save money on their cell phone costs. But families risk heavy charges for extra minutes or wasting money every month on excess capacity. With MinuteWatcher, families can save money and reduce conflict by keeping their usage “in the green.”

MinuteWatcher, the first free cell phone monitoring service, announces an enhanced service especially for families. Families, especially with teenagers, can save money, monitor their wireless usage, and keep the peace by "staying in the green".

Effective immediately, MinuteWatcher can monitor a family's phone usage in one easy to read report. A consolidated summary shows at a glance whose using how many minutes and whether the whole family will stay in their plan for the current month.

“This is the one feature our customers have asked for more than anything else,” explained Peter Stevens, co-founder of MinuteWatcher LLC. “Families can save money, reduce conflict and get better use out of their shared minute family plans.

Families can save money by adjusting their usage in the current month, thereby preventing overage. Or they can right-size their plan, by eliminating unused lines or pairing down excess minutes. They can even decide to upgrade their plan to include more minutes, whatever is the optimal solution.

The consolidated forecast is the key tool for the family bill payer. If the kids are talking too much, that will be quickly obvious, because the total forecast turns red early in the month.

Parents can have a quiet chat with their kids about their phone usage before a nasty phone bill arrives. They can save money and have friendly a dialog with their kids.

“As a father of two, I know an ounce of prevention can be much more pleasant than a pound of cure!” added Mr Stevens.

Easy to Use

Signing up is easy. There is no software to install. Just sign up and MinuteWatcher does the rest. Reports are delivered by email and are also available on line.

MinuteWatcher automatically checks with the carriers and extracts the current status on minutes used, text and picture messages, Ring tones, Internet traffic, etc. MinuteWatcher calculates the forecast based on the current consumption rates and the time remaining in the billing cycle.

Usage and forecasts are color coded for rapid identification. Green means under plan, Yellow and Orange over plan, and Red means more than 20% over plan, which implies doubling the monthly phone bill.

Updates are sent as often as needed and the latest update is always available on the MinuteWatcher website.

Peter Stevens, Co-Founder of MinuteWatcher LLC, Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I get this information from the carriers?

Yes and no. The raw information is available on the web, but it is not easy to get to and most wireless customers don't use it. Furthermore, not all carriers offer consolidated summaries. None offer forecasts and nor do any send you the information on a regular basis. Thanks to MinuteWatcher, your usage data is easily accessible.

Who is behind MinuteWatcher?

MinuteWatcher is an independent company founded by John Socha and myself.

Why did you do MinuteWatcher?

I have always been offended by excessive phone rates. I used to go to great lengths to avoid making phone calls from a hotel phone. When John suggested that we do MinuteWatcher together, it was just obviously the right thing to do!

Why is MinuteWatcher a free service?

We found that there is lot a resistance to monthly fees. People loved the idea of MinuteWatcher, but just didn't sign up. So we made it free and the feedback has been really positive. We've increased our subscriptions by a factor of 10 in the short time since we became a free service.

How do you make money?

We sell advertising in our reports and we offer a “white label” version of MinuteWatcher to organizations, for instance an online cell phone store, who would like to use the MinuteWatcher reports as a medium to communicate with and improve the satisfaction of their customers.

Is my privacy protected?

Absolutely. We are proud to have a privacy policy worthy of the name. We sell advertising space in our reports, not customer data. We do not divulge personal information, not even to the carriers. We do not send emails to our customers except the reports which they have requested. When a subscription is canceled, we obliterate credentials and other identifying information.

Which carriers are supported?

Currently: Cingular (and ex-AT&T), Sprint (Nextel), SunCom Wireless, T-Mobile, Verizon, as well as Telus Mobility in Canada. Orange Switzerland is in beta test.

MinuteWatcher currently supports shared minute plans for Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, Verizon and SunCom. Additional carriers will be available shortly.


Peter Stevens, co-Founder

MinuteWatcher LLC



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