3D Mind Maps / Concept Maps - New Software Helps Manage Creativity, Projects And Information

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A leading innovator in 3D mind maps and concept maps software, has just released 3D Topicscape. This software aims to spark creativity and innovation by providing a stimulating tool to capture ideas – as they flow – in an unlimited 3D "mind-maps" landscape. People who think visually now have a new way of managing projects and organizing information, computer files, snippets of files and web pages: Their own sense of place helps them retrieve what they want quickly, even when the right word for a search doesn't come to mind.

3D Topicscape Personal Edition is computer software that uses the concept-maps or mind-maps approach to allow ideas and information to be organized not on a 2D sheet, but in three dimensions.

"Concept and mind maps are powerful tools in business. But a major challenge for business users of mindmaps or concept maps comes when the practical limits of a flat sheet are reached" said Roy Grubb, Managing Director of 3D Scape Ltd. "This happens on any substantial project, but this is the time when you most need the ability to scan the information landscape."

Topicscape overcomes this by allowing effectively unlimited levels of hierarchy. It provides zooming, and flight through the information landscape. Project managers often use mind mapping software to organize and store files. When they do, they hit another size limitation. A mind map node will only hold one file. Topicscape allows multiple files at any node (topic). One file can even appear in several topics without the need for several copies of the file.

The software is a strong base for organizing projects of many types, from professional to hobbies, and it supports planning and information management during the project. When a project is finished, it makes life easier for anyone responsible for support and maintenance, right through to information archiving.

"Users of this new type of mind map software find they have a tool that supports them through the life of a project. Indeed it often helps them conceive a project in the first place, as it works to stimulate ideas by giving them a workplace that encourages lateral thinking, unfettered by methods that force a rigid hierarchy" added Grubb.

As a project progresses, the information gathered builds up and a Topicscape's database becomes the visually-organized store for much or all of the project's information.

Users can find their information using the instant word search, but the right keyword or phrase doesn't always come to mind. Then, Topicscape's powerful concept searching comes into play: By flying and zooming in the 3D landscape, and digging down (or up) to different levels, success is much more likely.

To help with searching by concept, a topic is allowed to appear in more than one place. It can have as many parents in the hierarchy as are found to be useful. Each appearance will be just another instance of the same topic - change one and they all change immediately.

This is software aimed at those who think visually and remember visually. People familiar with mind maps or concept maps find the approach familiar, and see that the limitations of size and the 2D sheet are largely overcome in the 3D environment. It can turn a collection of notes, web pages and files into something that can be visualized and understood easily with a broader view than is possible in any other software.

Topicscape is a valuable addition to the toolbox of project managers, researchers, legal professionals, consultants, medical professionals and anyone struggling with information overload. There is an example of how one user learned its value at http://www.topicscape.com/user-story/organizing-project-plans.html. There are other user stories at the site showing how it has been used for business, projects and hobbies.

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Pricing and Download:

Topicscape is priced at US$149, but for a short time is available to early adopters at the very low introductory price of US$49. At the Topicscape web site, there is a free, fully functional trial version of 3D Topicscape that works for 60-days.

About 3D-Scape

3D-Scape Limited is the leading innovator in 3D mind maps and concept maps, and specializes in visual information management software that also strongly supports creativity, innovation, idea-generation and planning.

The Topicscape family of products has been developed by software engineers and creative designers, lead by a management consultant with more than twenty years international experience of information and project management.

3D-Scape Limited is based in Hong Kong and sells through the Internet to a world-wide customer base.

More information is available from Roy Grubb by calling +852 2540-7871, or by visiting http://www.topicscape.com.

Note to Editors:

System requirements for Topicscape:

Windows XP, 2000, ME or 98 computer with 1GHz processor (recommended: 1.5GHz or greater), 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM recommended); monitor resolution of 1024x768 or better; a 3D graphics accelerator that supports OpenGL 1.2 with extensions or higher. Although the software at present runs on Windows computers only, editions are planned for the Mac and Linux.


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