New Study Reveals True Reason For Bedroom Heartache

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Experts say a difference in sex drive can wreck your marriage. The difference in sex drive between men and women is the most common problem in marriages and the most difficult to treat. Finding balance in the bedroom may be the answer to many ailing relationships.

Sarah and her husband James have the same problem as many couples. He wants to have sex a lot more often than she does; neither fully understands the others lack of interest or over interest in sex and their marriage is suffering.

“I don’t have the desire for sex the way James does,” says Sarah. “I know it hurts him for me to continually turn him down but I just don’t feel like it sometimes.”

Sex drive can be an awesome thing…when both you and your partner have it. For many couples, a large difference in sex drive can be devastating to a marriage because it seems that the thrill is gone.

This issue drives many couples into counseling. It is the most common sexual problem and the most difficult to treat according to Donald Strassberg, Ph.D., a sex therapist at the University of Utah.

Testosterone is recognized as the main ingredient for a healthy sex drive. Patricia Love, ED.D., in her book, Hot Monogamy, says “The fact that men have 10 to 20 times more testosterone than women is one of the primary reasons they experience more desire.”

The Sex in America survey conducted by University of Chicago Researchers, shows 54% of men think about sex every day or several times a day. Two thirds of women say they only think about sex a few times a month or at most a few times a week.

Not every man has more sex drive than every woman. TV shows such as “Desperate Housewives” has proven that. Brian Ayers, author of "How to be a Better Lover in 3 Days or Less" says that it is important for both partners to become active in finding a solution if they are committed to a happy and healthy marriage.

“While some experts just advocate one of the partners lowering their sexual appetite, it makes sense for the other partner to raise their sexual appetite as well,” states Mr. Ayers. “Both are needed to create a sexual balance.”

To help increase sex drive, Ayers recommends a liquid aphrodisiac called African Fly ( “It is a natural formula that women and men can share to increase their sexual desire to a level that works for them. It does not replace communication and a healthy lifestyle but it can help create a healthier sex life and marriage.”

The counseling has paid off for James and Sarah who are now more open about what they want in their sex lives. For Sarah, taking an aphrodisiac has made a difference. “I think about sex constantly. It is like night and day. I feel closer to James now than ever before in our marriage.”

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