Bin Laden's #1 Enemy, Kola Boof, Shocked by N.Y. Post Story

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Fans of Novelist-Poet Kola Boof see racial animus in N.Y. Post labeling her "sex slave."

Fans of the Egyptian-Sudanese-American novelist and poet Kola Boof are outraged after the New York Post continued to label her a "sex slave" in the Sunday July 2nd Print Edition of their newspaper -- even after Ms. Boof graciously caved in and granted an interview to the Post's Marianne Garvey, who in emails and phone exchanges, promised that the newspaper would not continue to use such blatantly disrespectful terms to describe the black woman writer. In 1996, Kola Boof was the mistress to Osama Bin Laden against her will.

In a press statement released today, Kola Boof said: "I have never in my life been anyone's slave--not even Osama's, and yet I was not only referred to as a 'sex slave' after we agreed that I would not be... but no where in the article does it mention that I am a writer with seven books published in eight countries or a freedom fighter for Sudan's SPLA... I am introduced in the article as "A woman who says," which is a bit of nastiness they would never inflict on a white author, and then they go on to trash my work on the television serial, 'Days of Our Lives,' by rearranging my answers to several other questions and forming them into their own quite stupid storyline (and HEADLINE) about me supposedly bringing a 'Bin Laden-like' character to the show, which is non-sense, because Hogan Sheffer is our Head Writer and I have not or ever said that I was creating characters or storyline for this show beyond work I already did in a 'Shadow Bible' written in May. To add scorpions to locusts, they super-imposed Osama's head on a photo of actors Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso.

"I, Kola Boof would like to say now... that since the day I have tried to tell my story in this country, I have been unfairly lied on and outrageously maligned by the press. Whether it was Connie Chung's alleged assertion that Bin laden would never have a 'black' mistress... or the New York Times and their hatchet job claiming that I didn't exist... or Black Issues Book Review telling a prominent black author that she could not review my book in their magazine because my books disturb 'middle class blacks'... and now the N.Y. Post constantly referring me to as a 'sex slave'... I have been met only with racism, snobbery and all around privileaged ignorance by the pot-heads who edit and write for the newspapers in the United States, and since we all know that I could give two camel humps about being popular with the mainstream--let me just put them on notice that after everything I've endured and triumphed over in my very unusual life, I'm not about to be summed up as a 'sex slave.'

"I am an African woman. A mother of two. I have been acknowledged by the New York Times itself as a 'talented, groundbreaking' writer and I have given my heart and soul to the work that I did at 'Days of Our Lives,' because I learned English watching that show as a child and I told Stephen Wyman that I wanted to help out. There is no need for people to spit on me -- but if you do -- then I will make it like a memory."

Rumor has it that Boof's upcoming novel, "The Sexy Part of the Bible," will be entered for the National Book Award by Random House. Boof owns a 30 acre ranch in California where she's raising two sons and may soon have her own cooking show. Kola Boof's name joins the end credits of "Days of Our Lives" in August.

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