Warner Brothers and Polychrome Pictures to Release the Independent Clash Directed by Daniel Zirilli and Starring Raul Julia-Levy and Damon Whitaker

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Transforming fiction into reality: Family, love and friendship can overcome corruption, street life and evil. The charisma between Julia-Levy and Whitaker brilliantly propels the plot of Clash.

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Working with a minimal budget forces the story to be more compelling, and forces the dialogue and throughline to be clear and sharp. Clash looks at a person in the darkest place in life and offers hope that one can change.

In the entertainment world where computer generated special effects determine the value of a movie resides Daniel Zirilli’s dialogue-driven Clash, an upcoming Warner Brothers/Polychrome release. Although the budget for Clash is minimal and did not cover superfluous special effects, as it is for the majority of independent films, the story of the film is timeless.

Clash is a fictional continuation of Zirilli’s Vengeance, pitting good against evil. Raul Julia-Levy plays Detective Marin who embodies compassion and a capability for justifiable violence, causing the viewer to wonder when is there a time to kill. Damon Whitaker plays DeRose whose tainted perceptions lead to corruption. Caught between the two dichotomies is Danny Venegas who plays Hector, a one-time gang member inherently drawn to evil but learns about the goodness in man.

As a writer, director and producer, Zirilli believes that working with a small budget is a blessing and a curse. Zirilli said, “Working with a minimal budget forces the story to be more compelling, and forces the dialogue and throughline to be clear and sharp. Clash looks at a person in the darkest place in life and offers hope that one can change.”

Through Zirilli’s direction, Clash features charismatic performances by each member of the cast in a gritty film exhibiting exceptional editing that is solidified by strong dialogue. With a multi-ethnic cast maintaining a sense of street reality, the film appeals to both the Latino and African-American markets.

“The film is a hard, credible, straight-on approach to race relations,” said Zirilli, whose background includes directing hundreds of rap music videos from artists such as Three 6 Mafia, Scarface, Cypress Hill, and Redman.

From the outside, some may see Clash as a film about a dirty cop and a drug dealer. However, Zirilli argues that the film ultimately is about family.

“Nothing is deeper and stronger for me than family,” said Zirilli who incorporates into Clash the power of love and family, “And Clash shows a person (Hector) confronted with a choice for his family: either have another generation in gang life or get out of town and start from scratch”.

Although the well-respected prequel Vengeance received rave reviews from the studio and thugs as a credible film illustrating the street life of gangsters, Clash offers hope in a corrupt and bewildering world.

Zirilli said, “Clash has the best ending of all my movies and it is the most personal.” To propel the plot, Zirilli relied on his own philosophy about fatherhood.

As a writer, Zirilli delivers powerful insight into man’s capability to change. As a director, he understands the importance of clear expectations.

Actor Julia-Levy said, “I have known Daniel Zirilli for many years and he has always had the magical ability to transform me from who I am in reality to believe I am the character I am playing. As Detective Marin, I truly feared and believed Damon was DeRose in real life. Zirilli understands the value of a clear vision and has a unique eye for reality.”

Zirilli’s dedication to core values mixed with his ability to pragmatically direct his characters makes Clash an inspiring piece of work worthy of the utmost respect.

Besides a November 14 release date of Clash on the horizon for Zirilli, he awaits the opportunity to direct Glass, an anti-meth film to be shot in Hawaii, and Pistoleros, a modern western with the feel of a Sergio Leone film.

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