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Share Article distinguishes itself by taking advantage of the "synergy effect" -- the idea that, by posting hundreds of conceptually-related ringtone industry keywords together, their value is greater than the sum of their parts.

Sponsors who participate certainly feel pumped up

People love to hear themselves talk -- and watch themselves on video, and rant and rave on internet blog sites. As a marketing craze, this is called "consumer-generated content" and it springs from the idea that interactive contact with consumers -- i.e., letting them create their very own content on a brand website -- leads to increases in both traffic and brand-name associations.

The huge popularity of website promotions like and, both built on visitor and member content, has accelerated this trend. But, does giving the average Jane or Joe 15 minutes of fame actually work?

Trend spotter and chief marketing officer of Cell Phone USA, Steve Maclin, isn't so sure. "Sponsors who participate certainly feel pumped up," he says. "But I'm not sure they're really getting their money's worth. These are great ideas, without a doubt, but without more 'umph', they lack the essential megaphone effect."

That hasn't stopped a hundred or so true believers from trying to closely mimic the success of their predecessors, though there have been some notable exceptions -- a few sites that have taken a good idea and fine-tuned it for increased keyword popularity.

Take, for instance, which distinguishes itself by harnessing something called "synergy" -- the idea that, by posting hundreds of conceptually-related ringtone industry keywords (and titles) together on a page, their combined value is 'greater than the sum of their parts.' 300Ringtones distinguishes itself further by hyperlinking keyword phrases (3-4 words) rather than singular words to its sponsors websites. And, while it posts those phrases that (according to Google and Overture) have recently attracted the most visitors in search of ringtones, it maintains its flexibility by allowing sponsors to generate their own keyword phrases.

So, instead of attracting visitors who might occasion a passing interest in certain goods and services, 300Ringtone's sponsors are afforded the benefit of hosting those who have already demonstrated their specific interest in ringtone products and services.

And, if 15 minutes of fame is considered 'nice and fine,' optimizes its value by remaining online for at least five (5) years. The most popular cell phone keywords are selling out quickly. So, what's the value of having your very own high-traffic ringtone-related keyword hyperlinked to your website for five (5) whole years? Just about Priceless!

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