Perception Therapy®: An Effective Method Developed by Alternative Treatment International to Treat Substance Abuse and Psycho-Emotional Disorders

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The protocol for substance abuse and psycho-emotional disorders treatment is making a major change.

Substance abuse and psycho-emotional disorders have plagued our society for decades. As this trend continues, it is essential that substance abuse centers and mental health treatment programs incorporate new, more effective methods that will result in a higher success rate of sobriety and recovery.

The protocol for substance abuse and psycho-emotional disorders treatment is making a major change. New studies conducted by Alternative Treatment International ( have taken the holistic approach to medicine further so that it includes Perception Therapy® and Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® techniques combined with other client focused clinical techniques. These alternative healing methods have been shown to affect change in perceptions, thinking, and behaviors; thus, resulting in the client’s healing being addressed to its fullest spectrum with profound results.

Treating the addictive thinking and/or psycho-emotional behaviors requires a holistic approach to medicine. At A.T.I., our philosophy is to examine all aspects of the individual’s life in a clinical and holistic way to determine the best course of action to treat the whole person, and uncover and resolve the problem. This is enhanced by employing Perception Therapy® and Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® techniques which are designed to raise the therapeutic arsenal currently in use. We believe that the answers do not lie in behaviors but in the thinking that produces the behaviors. Therefore, we accept our clients’ current behaviors in a non-judgmental, compassionate way and take an in-directive approach to changing perception and thinking, rather than the standard direct approach aimed at changing behaviors. Treating only the behavior does not address the cause of the problem as behaviors do not just happen by themselves. Thought (the Mind) produces behaviors as well as emotions, both being positive and negative.

Many addictive and psycho-emotional behaviors are a result of psychological, physical, spiritual, and environmental issues in regard to the individual, and can be successfully treated utilizing a variety of clinical techniques combined with alternative methods. In some cases, medication management may be indicated and can be a helpful adjunct to the therapeutic process. Client success can also be improved if the client’s belief system embraces holistic healing methods.

Rather than employing a directive and controlling approach that may produce a defensive attitude by the client and hamper the change process, our indirective and metaphorical techniques allow the client to come to his/her own conclusion. This yields a more productive therapeutic result, not only in the clients’ thinking, but in their behaviors, sobriety and recovery as well.

Our staff views each client as an individual who is coping with his/her life in the ways that they know. We support their choice to enter a residential setting to obtain guidance and learn new ways of perceiving and thinking. Clients who enter treatment have recognized that their current ways of thinking and behaving are getting in the way of their happiness. They may also not want to lose their vested interests (i.e., family, home, business) and are willing to do something about changing their present situation.

In light of this, we find that it is possible to obtain successful results when treating the addictive thinking and/or psycho-emotional behaviors utilizing the unique therapeutic processes developed by A.T.I., that addresses the whole person and underlying causes, not just the symptom.

ATI believes strongly that by changing perception, thinking will change. For an individual to discontinue substance use or other self-destructive patterns and begin a recovery process, one must be open to the philosophy that will bring him/her to their own conclusion and learn to affect change. This can be achieved through the process of changing perceptions and thinking.

Most people accept the basic concept that there is always another way to view things. Once a certain way of thinking as been formed in an individual, it generally requires applied therapeutic techniques to open the mind to accept a change in perception.

By treating the thinking as the primary therapeutic target, the client is given the opportunity to decipher their formed perceptions to be true or false. These may have manifested the dysfunctional thinking which has produced the behaviors that are interfering with a healthy lifestyle. Once clarity has occurred regarding the formed perceptions, the therapeutic processes of making a positive change of thinking are easily accepted by the client. This allows the client to come to a productive conclusion because perceiving and thinking are being internalized in a new way. These perceptions, which have now changed, allow clearer thinking to occur and positive choices to be made, resulting in an automatic change in behavior.

Alternative Treatment International, the developer of Perception Therapy® and Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® , is a private residential substance abuse and mental health treatment center. ATI offers a comfortable and safe environment for those seeking healing and recovery from addictions and psycho-emotional problems. ATI’s Web site is a source for more information at or they can be contacted at 1-800-897-8060.

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