Witch School's Opening Door Policy is Creating Magic for the Public

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Witch School in Hoopeston opened their doors to the public on July 1st. For many who believe in Wicca and Magick, along with the curious, are discovering that there is more to this Witch stuff then they imagined. Witch School is offering a view rarely offered to the general public.

On July 1st, Witch School Headquarters opened the doors to the public and discovered people really wanted to find a school for Witches. Witch School has been teaching Wicca on the web for last eight years and have taught tens of thousands of people the basics of Wicca and Witchcraft. Globally, Witch School has been able to create a worldwide educational network. While using powerful tools to give an education in virtual reality, the desire for the tangible and the touchable has led them to open their center in Hoopeston, IL to the public so they can learn about Wicca and Magick.

And the world took notice. After all, it may be fine to discover a School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in fiction, but real live schools are rare and virtually unknown. A Public School for Witches is history making as it says a lot about how much the school leadership believes in the American Freedom of Religion. It takes an incredible trust in the government. It took a lot for this highly controversial group to trust Hoopeston City Government to open a public school. In Hoopeston the laws do not protect nor inhibit Wicca or any religion. It is this communities greatest moment of Spiritual growth in that they are working together to find acceptance, tolerance, and even cooperation from people across the Christian as well as the Pagan faiths. This small midwest town is becoming a testing ground of the future of America, in which no one faith or religion will be a majority of the citizens. They are showing no matter how passionately we may believe in our faith, that we can allow others that differ, even drastically from what we believe, and still support the idea that citizen's and their rights shall be protected and made secure in their homes and businesses. The truth is America is becoming religiously diverse, and Hoopeston is at the cutting edge of this fight.

So what is Witch School teaching? Well, at the core they are teaching people to become extraordinary people. That it is possible to change the world through Magick and that Magick is made up of our will and Deities desire. They teach to each student that one should 'Do No Harm.' They believe in a living world with the power of God in all forms, male, female, spiritual, physical, natural, and mental. In order to teach this, they have dozens of arts and skills, including the study of all religions, ritual, theology, philosophy. They teach Tarot and metaphysics. This you would expect. They also teach Environmental Sciences, Computer skills, and share scientific secrets on every level. They study business, psychology, and any endeavor of humanity. You can say that Witch School teaches all about Humanity, and humanities potential and evolution. They teach Witches to become observers of the natural world and to help humanity evolve.

But everyone asks is Magick real? According to the School's Chancellor Rev. Don Lewis,"The belief of Magick for Wiccans, Pagans, Christians, Hindu's and hundreds of other spiritual sources are absolutely are convinced magick is real. In fact, we as a people believe more in Magick than they do in science. Science is a branch of Magical thought, and brings discovered laws of the universe to practical application. Magick is the science of the imagination, and it's reality to change the world is accepted as a spiritual fact. It is only a matter of interpretation of one's religion that either realizes the gift that Magick is or the condemned art that if practiced must lead to death. So yes, we are looking for real magick, and this is our laboratory. We want to find evidence that proves this beyond a reasonable doubt."

So Witch School open doors is really a promise of opening minds to an incredible future, and to teach ways for people to become truly extraordinary. This is a lot for a group of people who are struggling in a small town in the Midwest cornfields. If successful, they will change the way we all look at America and it's most treasured gift of true religious freedom.

To see this humble school, you can go to 112 W. Main Street, Hoopeston, IL 60942. or go online to WitchSchool.com, either way, you will find their doors open for you.

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