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Voicemails being turned into ringtones.

Todd Cardin of Website Receptionist announced that his new voicemail to email service is creating a new wave of ringtones. Many people are converting are turning the wav. files that contain voicemails directly into ring tones. This is becoming the latest wav in ringtone technology. People are putting everything from sweet signs of affection to ranting rages as their ringtones. Todd Cardin said that actual music and now actual phone messages are becoming what people want on their cell phones. In the past polyophonic tones prohibited the use of wav files as a way to answer the phones.

A polyphonic ringtone is similar to a monophonic tone in that it can only play a tone-based copy of a song, however a polyphonic ringtone is capable of playing more complex music because it can emulate instrument sounds and can play more than one tone at once (hence polyphonic). In a polyphonic-capable phone, up to 40 notes can be played at once, making a much more convincing copy of the real music than a monophonic tone. However, polyphonic ringtones still lack the ability to play a fully convincing facsimile of the original music, still lacking the ability to play lyrics.

Real Music ringtones are the newest incarnation of the ringtone, capable of playing actual music, including the vocals and all accompaniment. Full Music ringtones can be found in MP3, WAV, QCP, or AMR formats. While most older cell phones are not able to play full music ringtones, most newly released phones come packaged with this function.

Through Specialty Answering Service , Todd Cardin has been working with ETC Theater and local musician Ephram on answering service ring tones. With the advent of voicemail to email technology, the ringtones are now being created by the end user. Todd stated ringtones are becoming more and more in demand. This is a way that people can actually alert themselves of tasks by setting their ringtone to their friendly , or not so friendly voice as a reminder.


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