Manmade or Natural? 13 Clear Signs of Unnatural Disasters

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Coco Tralla LLC urges people worldwide to question 9/11/01 and the catastrophic events thereafter because the oddities and unexplainable science associated with the disasters contain clear signs that these events were orchestrated with a hidden political/financial agenda. From the 13 Clear Signs of Unnatural Disasters to a critical mass required to circumvent upcoming disastrous events in the Pacific Ring of Fire, Coco Tralla LLC offers resolution through identifying 13 Clear Signs and activating an ancient wisdom.

Tralla Productions (pronounced tra-la) announces a massive campaign to expose the misuse of a “New” Energy that makes oil and gas pumps, even electric meters, obsolete. Company president & CEO, Coco Tralla, explains, “New is in quotes because the energy has been kept hidden from the public for decades -- and the reason for keeping it hidden is clear -- it’s all about power. Everyone must become aware of the clear signs so that we can stop the misuse of an energy that enables a select few to orchestrate catastrophic events with a political/financial agenda.”

The company insists such energy exists, in fact Coco Tralla LLC points to scientists who have revealed its correct use in the video: Filmed in 1997, the New Energy should be more advanced a decade later, but apparently large corporations have yet to endorse them. “Why aren’t these types of technologies being offered to the public by the oil and gas or electric conglomerates?” Coco asks. “Is it because New Energy cannot be measured through pumps or meters, and therefore established industry giants cannot make any more money from the people?”

The company urges people worldwide to identify the Clear Signs of Unnatural Disasters, then ask questions:

1. Look for hurricanes, earthquakes and other catastrophic events occurring in alignment and simultaneously. On 9/11/01, why was the eye of Hurricane Erin in direct alignment with the WTC towers and occurred simultaneously as the towers collapsed? The hurricane churned in the Atlantic 500 miles away, while smoke plumed from the towers.

2. Notice pentagon shapes or odd shaped eyes in hurricanes of today. During the pre-election of 2004, why was the eye of Hurricane Ivan shaped like a pentagon? Prior to 1950, why did hurricanes have clear eyes without the trademark design described by physicists as a hyperdimensional signature? (For images and facts regarding hyperdimensional energy influx, see Richard Hoagland’s scientific research at

3. Look for complete wireless and electrical power failure accompanied with a crackling sound and ball lightning/flashes of light immediately prior to the event. Why do earthquakes and hurricanes disrupt the wireless grid making cell phones dead and the grid inoperable? Why did firefighters, and other witnesses at the WTC and Building 7, report crackling sounds and see flashes/balls of light immediately prior to the fall of the towers?

4. Investigate craters gouged into the earth. On 9/11/01, why did a massive crater form from the plane crash in Shanksville, PA, and why is no one still allowed access to this area?

5. Listen for simultaneous or successive explosions during and immediately prior to the event. Why did firefighters, and other witnesses located at the WTC on 9/11/01, report repetitive and simultaneous explosions?

6. Remember the mushroom cloud. Why did a mushroom cloud form when Building 7 and the WTC towers collapsed?

7. Notice inextinguishable fires that burn for days or months. Why did melted steel in the 50 foot deep craters at the WTC site burn for almost a month and why were those fires inextinguishable?

8. Watch for chemtrail activity prior to the event. Why do unmarked white airplanes make white streaks that expand into total cloud cover in our skies?

9. Seek out abnormal radar activity during the event or days before the event occurs. Why aren’t scientists who record and research the radar anomalies of catastrophic events, such as Chuck Hoagland’s “Hyperdimensional Katrina” front page news or even acknowledged by traditional science?

10. Research recordings of seismic/magnitude/category in the historical record compared to real time reporting & cross check with privately owned companies and multiple divisions within the government. On July 8, 2006, why was an earthquake reported by the USGS with a magnitude 7.5 and depth of 15 km, followed by numerous other USGS reports of a quake in the same area with slightly different times, coordinates, depths and magnitudes? (All events were approximately 90 miles SE of Amchitka Alaska in the Aleutian Islands.) Were these four different events, or is the reporting being “corrected” for the historical record?

11. Examine seismic activity immediately prior to the epicenter of the event. Why did seismic activity occur prior to the WTC falling to the ground?

12. Notice record breaking catastrophic events that coincide with political agendas. Was it coincidence that hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne occurred immediately prior to the 2004 election? Why was the FEMA relief spending in pre-Election 2004 exemplary for all four of these hurricanes in Florida compared to the lack of response to Katrina in New Orleans?

13. Beware of record breaking catastrophic events and unexplained anomalies by traditional science. In less than 90 days after the 2004 Indian Ocean quake and tsunami, a stronger quake shook the same area, its epicenter just 60 miles south of the earlier one. Why wasn’t that quake followed by a major tsunami too? The Indian plate usually moves about 2.4 inches per year, but after the tsunami of 2004, the two plates slid about 50 feet at once. In all of recorded history this has not occurred, so why did it happen with the tsunami of 2004?

When asked about the company’s recent release, Light Vision, Book One, New International Version, Coco Tralla LLC says, “The price 33.33 for a Reality Fiction™ book unconsciously manifests earth’s destiny because the number 3 means infinity. Numerology manifests infinite earth, while the company logo symbolizes saving earth.” Called the ‘Missing Earth’ crop circle, the formation appeared in England in 1995. The image, a scientific representation of our universe, pictured all the planets in our solar system except one -- earth. Claiming the company responded to a call to action from life beyond this universe, the redesigned crop circle logo puts earth back into its orbital path. “Although most people on earth have forgotten the ancient wisdom of numerology or symbology, it’s still embedded in our collective unconsciousness,” Coco continues. “Even if you don’t believe a critical mass is needed to save the world from events happening in the Pacific Ring of Fire -- this is about a lost knowledge -- an ancient art that manifests miracles.”

When asked about her cryptic remarks about the Ring, Coco replies, “In view of the escalating earthquake activity in the Aleutian Islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire, is this happening because of the nuclear test performed by the US in 1971?” On June 11, 1971, five megatons (5,000,000 TNT equivalent) were detonated on Amchitka Island. Claiming there will be an awakening or reckoning initiated by events in the Ring, Coco says, “We need a critical mass to prevent nuclear fallout and demand new, clean energies be used now and forever.”

Although the company’s products are not in bookstores yet, Coco urges everyone to ask the world’s largest bookstore -- Barnes & Noble -- to carry them. “If everyone who reads this release bought Light Vision, I would then be able to continue my work and keep my workplace -- my home,” Coco adds. Tralla Productions recently released Light Vision, Book One of a seven book series called the Simultaneous Dimension. Book One is about sex magick in the underground layers of antiquity in Rome, and a must read before Book Two, Energy Grid (Fall 2006).

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