Military Recruiting Goes Private on the Web Site

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Military recruiting goes private. The web site allows young people a way of negotiating with military recruiters for a better deal when thinking about joining the service.

Can military recruiting be helped by a private company? It seems possible after taking a look at the new web site called ( The web site allows young men and women who are thinking about joining the military a chance to help themselves by signing up for free. The web site works by the fact that many young people do not know where to start when thinking about joining the military. It works like this, first a prospective new recruit signs up on the web site. They list their basic information and education. Then they choose what field they are interested in pursuing. Finally they choose what branches of service they are willing to consider. The web site tells them that the more services they are willing to consider then the better chance of getting good deal with the military. After all its a negotiation with the best sales people in the world. The young people need some help and it appears the web site is doing their best to help these young people make a better decision. The web site explains that people looking to join the military should keep their options open when negotiating with the recruiters. Military recruiters are trained and well funded. The students often get little or no help from schools or parents. The owner Terry Cooper (a veteran of the US Coast Guard) explains that if these young people make a better deal and get more of what they want then maybe they will stay in the service longer. Its a win situation for all involved he says. The military does have a strong need for new recruits and the recruits would like to get what they want. Recruits can often negotiate bonus pay, trade school, and duty location. These issues can make or break a young persons decision to stay in the service after 4 years.

Military recruiters also enjoy this new web site as it brings the recruits straight to them. It reduces the need to go out looking for young people. The recruiters must sign up in order to view the contact information of the prospective recruits and once signed up the recruiters also get their contact information added to the search of military recruiters. The web site allows a search to be completed by recruiters via branch of service, region, state, and county. The web site also helps put pressure on the recruiters to make a better deal because other service recruiters are also looking at the same prospective recruit. The web site also explains that they would like to see parents and high school counselors take more of an active role in helping their kids while negotiating with the military. Its a new approach to an old problem and it appears to have a following out there as many have signed up in a short period of time.


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