Can Eating More Often Really be the Answer to Weight Loss

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It may seem crazy to suggest that dieters can lose more weight by eating more often, but to find the truth let’s look at an average dieter who fails at weight loss.

The average dieter tries to eat less each day in an effort to lose weight, and this effort is usually wrapped around a 24 hour period.

For example, many dieters will skip breakfast and lunch in an effort to starve themselves thin, while then eating a huge dinner and late night snack.

Of course these dieters are doomed to fail -- because even though they are eating less often, there are 2 problems with their dieting methodology:

1) They are skipping too many meals and slowing down their metabolism, which results in fewer calories being burned and less weight loss.

2) They are overeating at nighttime and giving their body too many calories per sitting, which also results in less weight loss.

Now on the other hand, if these dieters began eating more often then they could actually improve their weight loss results.

This is true because the human body does not burn calories based on a 24 hour day (which is just an arbitrary interval of time), but rather the human body burns calories on a “per meal” basis.

This means that if dieters spread out their daily calories into 6 evenly-divided meals (all spaced out by a few hours), then their body will be able to more efficiently burn those calories.

This is true because after each meal is over the body has fewer calories to burn, which means it has a greater potential to burn more calories after each meal.

For example, if a dieter is eating 2 meals per day which have 1,200 calories each (for a total of 2,400 calories per day) — then that same dieter can greatly speed up the weight loss process by spreading those 2,400 calories evenly into 6 meals each day (400 calories per meal, but 6 meals per day).

The overall calories consumed would be the same, but yet the dieter’s body would be able to more efficiently process (burn) those calories.

This is just one of the weight loss techniques shown at

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