It Looks Like A Pager But It's Hot

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In the original Star Trek days, stunning was science fiction. Those who remember the original Star Trek know that Captain James T. Kirk and his crew never left the Enterprise without their reliable phasers. If you scan your memory banks, you'll remember that the Enterprise crew always "stunned" their antagonists, rendering them temporarily incapacitated.

Safety Technology, - today released the "Hot Shot," a mini stun gun that looks just like a pager, or cell phone, and is designed to be clipped to the belt, or purse. The "Hot Shot," is small enough to be concealed in the hand.

Micro-technology, which enables electronics to be made smaller and more powerful is revolutionizing the personal protection business.

Michael Gravette, Safety Technology CEO, says, "The basic idea of a stun gun is to provide ordinary citizens with protection by disrupting the brain function of an attacker. The charge from the "Hot Shot" combines with the electrical signals from the attackers brain. This is like running an outside current into a phone line.

The original brain wave, or signal, is mixed with random noise, making it very difficult for the attackers brain to decipher messages. The attacker then has a very hard time telling his muscles to move, and he will become confused and unbalanced, experiencing temporary paralysis."

The "Hot Shot" - - is not designed to maim or kill. Its effects are temporary, designed to get you away from a bad scene as quickly as possible.

Gravette explains further. "The pulse generated by the "Hot Shot" mimics the attacker's body's own electrical signals. The current tells the attackers's muscles to do a great deal of work in a very short amount of time. But the signal doesn't direct the work toward any particular movement. The work doesn't do anything except deplete the attacker's energy reserves, ideally leaving him to weak to move.

That is when you hit the bricks, putting as much distance as you can between you and your attacker.

Safety Technology - - located in

Jacksonville, Florida, is the largest wholesaler of stun guns in the United States. Stun guns, including the just released "Hot Shot" and recently released "The Runt" are among 800 plus personal protection products stocked and ready to ship. Safety Technology has been in business for over twenty years and has a network of over 4000 distributors nationwide.


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