and Chromosomal Laboratory Announce Partnership to Deliver Cutting-Edge DNA Testing Directly to Consumers

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Chromosomal Laboratory of Phoenix, AZ, a DNA testing specialist and, a national Direct-to-Consumer provider, announce a new partnership. Working together allows each to concentrate on their respective specialties while continuing to be innovators in their field. The combination of services is designed to put state-of-the-art DNA Testing in the hands of every consumer.

Completion of the Human Genome Project continues to result in new discoveries in the field of Genetics on a nearly routine basis. Chromosomal Labs, a proven leader in the DNA field, specializes in many testing methods and services that didn’t exist even a few years ago. The process of unlocking the mystery of our genetic code is revolutionizing the health care and legal industries simultaneously. The newly formed partnership provides a way to speed up the delivery process for both current and future technologies.

One service that will be available immediately to consumers will be DNA Paternity Testing, or identifying a child’s biological father by DNA. Establishing paternity includes not only the legal issues of parental custody and child support but is becoming increasing important in providing new health insight into family history and chronic disease. DNA Paternity services will now be available nationwide, directly to consumers (except in New York state where consumers will need a doctor’s order to access testing) from corporate web site.

The national presence of allows families living in different parts of the country to use a single source for the entire process. It gives consumers direct access to convenient, affordable testing in their own community through MyMedLab's network of more than 2000 partner collection sites across the U.S. Sample collection for DNA Paternity testing utilizes buccal swabs, or check swabs, that are both non-invasive and completely painless. Results of these tests are legally binding and court admissible in all 50 states.

Private cases, or those not involving legal issues, can be purchased from the web site and collected in the privacy of the home. Consumers receive a collection kit that includes everything needed to perform the “cheek swab” collection along with a mailer to ship samples directly to Chromosomal. Private case testing allows sensitive family issues to be dealt with in a manner that maintains strict privacy and limits family disruptions. The entire process is completely confidential and provides guaranteed accurate results within 3 business days.

Additional services including Forensic Testing and Genealogy will continue to be added as the technology becomes available. “We are very excited to be offering several new and fascinating ancestry tests through that allow people to trace their ancestral heritage back up to 60,000 years,” reports Vladimir Bolin, CEO of Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc.

“This new technology provide a fascinating look at a person’s entire ancestral migration going all the way back to Genetic Adam in Africa. Males pass the Y Chromosome to their sons unchanged except for a very small number of mutations or changes in the "Y" chromosome. These “point mutations”, as they’re called, allow us to follow a male’s ancestral migration into Europe, the Middle East, and beyond”, says Bolin. will continue to use its expertise in consumer education to remove barriers in a health care system that predates the “Information Age”. David Clymer, CEO of explains, “The old version simply doesn’t account for an educated patient or today’s information-savvy consumer. One could go even further by saying that health care is the only industry left that protects the consumer from their own information.

Patients today encounter many obstacles for even routine tasks like viewing medical records at their doctor’s office. This process, guaranteed by recent HIPAA regulations, can require signing multiple consent forms just to see your own records. It’s not uncommon for most consumers to have never seen their lab results or much less have a copy for future reference. The old version leaves consumers completely dependent on their provider for all their health education and how much the provider is willing to disclose.

This is most apparent in the area of Wellness. Doctors today, see more patients a day than ever before. Limited time with patients requires treating a health problem quickly leaving little time to talk about wellness and prevention. At, we know the field of Genetics will play a huge part in the future of health care. It will provide answers to many age-old questions. Partnering with Chromosomal allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the science and play a major role in fundamentally changing the way consumers learn about their health.”

Clymer says, “The real mission of is to help consumers create their own Confidential Health Record, much like they already have for financial and legal matters. Knowing family history and tracking health over time are the keys to understanding health, it’s exactly what their doctor does. The difference is that instead of thousands of cases to learn about like their physician, the consumer only one, their own. The amount of information that is available to consumers today is truly mind-boggling, what it requires is time and access. is committed to delivering the science that consumers need to make wiser choices about their health.    

Combining your family’s genetic pre-disposition with periodic screenings can virtually stop many chronic diseases from ever developing. That’s Wellness. In health care today, 20% of the patients use 80% of the care that is given. Our consumers are the 80% of Americans trying desperately to stay healthy and out of the “Sick Care” system. That system focuses on the treatment of existing disease; the future uses science to prevent them. It can identify many potential problems early, even before symptoms arise. This is when changes in lifestyle can have a huge impact on many chronic diseases like Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease.

We can’t help but be excited about our partnership with Chromosomal. The fascinating field of Genetics, though still in its infancy, is quickly finding its way into all areas of daily life. We’re thrilled to be a part of bringing this potentially life-saving information to consumers. There are so many exciting things coming in the near future and this collaboration will insure that the public can take full advantage of the emerging technology.

Our partnership will also utilize all of the advances in the delivery of information to the public. New vehicles like podcasts, streaming video and on-demand information will play a huge part as we move forward. These new platforms allow even complicated subjects to be seen and explained in terms that consumers can understand.”

                                                                                 About is a revolutionary health care provider designed to be a consumer-friendly source of potentially life saving health information. The company has been providing convenient, affordable, and high quality testing services to physicians and patients in the Midwest since 1993. Over the last 2 years, MyMedLab’s founder and CEO, David Clymer, has combined his 25 years of lab expertise with his passion for innovation to create a new national health information source for consumers called is a Direct-to-Consumer provider of over 1,500 different tests to patients in the US and around the world. Through its partnerships with the nation’s leading Reference Labs, provides convenient, affordable, and high quality diagnostic testing services. For more information, please visit

The team includes a MD Medical Director and a Naturopathic Physician whose role is to enhance the consumer’s experience for both traditional and natural treatment choices.

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