Turning the Tables on Credit Card Companies Inspires Students and Saves Cash

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A New Class at the Los Angeles Learning Annex based on the best selling E-book “Balance Transfer Magic” Inspires Students by Saving them Cash.

A new class at the Los Angeles Learning Annex based on the best selling E-book “Balance Transfer Magic” inspires students by saving them cash.

“I’ve taken some great courses at the Learning Annex over the years, but this has to be the best.” Los Angeles business owner Cindy Howe marveled at the results the “Balance Transfer Magic” class produced for her: “I took a $20,000 balance on a credit card with a 20% interest rate and converted it to 0% for a year on the same credit card. It was simple to do, and it saved me about $4000 in interest. Just like that. Wow.”

Class Instructor Lawrence D. Goldberg, author of “Balance Transfer Magic,” was not surprised that people had great results from taking the class. Besides having produced those results for himself, the E-book, available at http://www.BalanceTransferMagic.com has achieved almost universal praise from its readers.

That praise comes from others than readers and students. “Balance Transfer Magic” was featured in an article in the Wall Street Journal’s financial website TheStreet.com, received mention in Yahoo Business, and has been endorsed by CardRatings.com, the highly respected Credit Card Consumer Advocate.

The one thing that did surprise Mr. Goldberg was how many people prefer to have the information told to them in a class, instead of reading the book. "For many, it is more cost effective to spend three hours in a class or an hour or two in an individual consultation than to spend several hours reading the $15 E-book, despite the $50 cost for the class and $100 per hour for individual consultation.

“Of course, for those wanting to learn quickly how to generate one or two thousand dollars cash in their pocket from their credit cards, $50 is a small price to pay. And they are amazed at how simple it really is.”

“It is extraordinarily gratifying to see the light bulb go on for each student as they realize how much power they truly have over their interest rates and credit card debt, especially when they see what a wonderful tool credit cards can be - if you use them right.”

The Learning Annex must be reading those responses and experiencing increasing registration for the class – they booked three more “Balance Transfer Magic” classes in the Los Angeles area: Monday, July 24, Thursday, September 28, and Thursday, November 2.

As part of the “Balance Transfer Magic” class, each student receives a username and password to the http://www.BalanceTransferMagic.com website, which enables them to download the “Balance Transfer Magic” E-book and use the site’s debt fighting tools. “The E-book is first rate, and so is the class,” said student Ben Friesel, “I’ve been telling all my friends that they have to take this class and get the book.”

The additional bookings by the Learning Annex and enthusiastic response of students has prompted E-book publisher No Free Lunch Distributors to consider turning the “Balance Transfer Magic” class into a DVD. "We produced videos for libertarian stand-up comic Tim Slagle, and did post production for video interviews of Ayn Rand, so we feel comfortable about our quality control, especially with the choices now available with digital recording and reproduction.

The decision about the Balance Transfer Magic DVD could come as early as the end of summer.

“The main thing,” says author Goldberg, “whether by reading the “Balance Transfer Magic” E-book, taking the class or through private consultation, is for people to realize they do not have to put up with paying exorbitant credit card interest rates. Nor do they need to use expensive and rip-off credit card consolidators which can ruin their credit rating. There is an effective low cost alternative that works. “It’s like Dorothy’s red shoes in the Wizard of Oz – you already have the power – you just have to learn how use it.”

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