Pitcher Turned Author Giving Away Free Natural Weight-Loss CDs to Promote New Book

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As obesity continues to accelerate like a Roger Clemens fastball and more and more people keep striking-out searching for answers, Dr. Tom Kersting, author of the new book, FAT PROOF: Power Programming Your Bodies Weight Loss Computer (Harbor Press), will be giving away free copies of his power programming weight-loss CD.

It doesn’t take much searching to notice that there are an awful lot of fat people around. The new book FAT PROOF: Power Programming Your Bodies Weight Loss Computer, written by Dr. Tom Kersting, a former college baseball player, will be released next January and teaches readers how to use a natural weight loss strategy that Kersting calls the most overlooked weight-loss weapon there is -- the mind.

According to Kersting, “with all of the diet programs and weight-loss gimmicks out there, I am eager to start spreading the word about the book and this new, easy weight-loss approach, because it actually works. What better way to do it than to give future readers a taste of what power programming the mind is all about? The free CD is the perfect flavor.”

Kersting, who developed power programming 5 years ago, attributes his success to a hypnotherapist who helped him “snap-out” of a pitching slump while playing college baseball back in 1992. “My sessions with this fellow paved the way to where I am today. After my experience, I was so fascinated by the power of the mind that I wound-up changing my major from Criminal Justice to Psychology and the rest is history,” says Kersting.

Today Kersting holds two Masters degrees, a Ph.D in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a license in NJ to practice psychotherapy. Kersting opened his private practice in 2001, began using hypnosis and later developed his groundbreaking power programming techniques. To date he has helped countless people pop the awareness cork in their mind and shed new light on eating behaviors, cravings and compulsions, and discover healthy weight loss strategies.

The book throws somewhat of a curveball into the diet and weight loss industry because according to Kersting, “The most ironic part about our nations weight epidemic is that every person who wants to lose weight knows exactly why they are fat and what they need to do to change. The problem: they just can’t control their actions.” Why? According to Kersting, “Because the minds of American’s are programmed to eat, eat, eat, and to gulp down monster portions of food. That’s the American Way. That’s our society these days and power programming helps unravel this unconscious exploitation, something no diet or weight loss pill can ever do.”

http://www.fatproof.net is the official website of the book where you can redeem your free CD, read great weight-loss articles written by Dr. Kersting and sign-up for his free e-newsletter. You can contact Kersting at drtom @ fatproof.net.


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