The Shuffle! List Enhances Web Browsing Using Direct Navigation

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Know of any cool sites to visit? ...a question we've all been asked by our friends. So what do we do when we're asked? We try to think of the latest and greatest thing we saw on the Net. Then we try to think of which site we saw it on. Then if they're lucky, we tell them the domain name and the tags to search when they get there. You know the routine. Well, you heard it here first... Those days are over! Now everyone can get their own MSL Keyword by signing up to to surf the Internet for top sites and popular links. Every list has a unique keyword associated with it.

The Shuffle! List offers users the easiest way to manage their Web links, and the quickest way to access them... guaranteed. Start saving your favorite links to today, with or without signing up for the advanced features.

One of the things that separates My Shuffle! List from other bookmarking tools is the Direct-Navigation system. If a Shuffler is interested in games, they would go to, for sports it's, music?, movies? Then they have the option to add any content to their very own list to be accessed from If you're a guy who wants to see Web sites that focus on Men's Interests, go to, and for women's interests, etc.

As you can see, the application launches a navigator tool to for these shortcut domains to quickly take you to your preferred content by sending the associated links to your browser with the click of a "Shuffle!" button. It's the best way to see the links that others have added, and an excellent way to surf the Internet for new content from links found on The Official Shuffle! List (

Publishing your list gives you the option to share your links with The Shuffle! List Social Network (SLSN) of shared links. The home page for the SLSN is and it's content is 100% user-driven.

To see all links added by other Shufflers to the SLSN within the past hour, go to For all links added within the past 24 hours, it's etc.. From that point, you can narrow down the results by selecting your preferred category.

What's more is, if you're not interested in any particular category, and don't want to see links added by other Shufflers, you can surf the Net to see new content from Web sites that frequently update their pages. That's done by visiting or This guarantees to show you the latest content on the Internet. Visiting these shortcut domains will show you sites for News or popular blogs which update their content at least every hour, or at least once a day, respectively. Interested in News from the Web's top media outlets? You guessed it, you can start shuffling at at any time.

As a Shuffler, you'll be able to publish your favorite links to each category in the network while, in turn, creating your very own Shuffle! List. For example, if a Shuffler finds a funny link and adds it to the Comedy category of his list, the link will be seen by everyone who visits Want to add a funny link to for everyone to see? Go ahead! It's easy, all you have to do is publish your list!


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