Red Hot Coastal Vacations Business Expands to Over 100 Countries

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After 12 years as a top rated home based business, expansion has exploded since the introduction of an ultra-successful business model last year. The hybrid business model has made the business user friendly to those who previously may not have considered a career marketing travel.

It's over 100 countries and counting for the top rated Coastal Vacations home based business. Three key factors are responsible for the explosive growth.

(1) The introduction of a user friendly system that is producing dramatic results.

(2) The high value product line underwent a major upgrade and numerous improvements were made.

(3) Retiring baby boomers are expanding their travel business and creating a home based business revolution.

First and foremost, the introduction of an ultra-successful hybrid business model last year has made the business user friendly to masses, including those who speak languages other than English. Many had looked at the business and loved the products, but until the hybrid was introduced, they did not see a vehicle for them to have success with the business.

The hybrid Coastal Vacations Sales Center group quickly became the largest, fastest growing, and most successful group in the 12 year old top rated home based business program. Learn how the hybrid revolutionized the Coastal Vacations business at .

Upgrades and improvements to all three Coastal Vacations travel memberships continue to add value to the attractive packages offered for years. The improvements, including a recently added travel agency option, have generated more retail sales and interest in the much better than average income the business can offer.

Read about upgrades and improvements introduced this year here.

Baby boomers approaching retirement age will continue to expand the business in two distinct ways.

Retired baby boomers use much of their newly found free time to travel more. That phenomenon continues to increase sales to these individuals so they can simply enjoy and save thousands of dollars using the product.

Millions of other baby boomers are headed toward retirement over the next 30 years. They realize they cannot count on Social Security and Medicare and need to bolster or start building a nest egg now. Huge numbers are starting home based businesses every day. Since most have never owned a business before, the hybrid is perfect for them.

The following news release explains why baby boomers are flocking to the hybrid Coastal Vacations business in record numbers.

California based Coastal Vacations Director Dean Marino is proud to offer his members the state-of-the-art system responsible for historic growth worldwide. As one of the leaders of the Coastal Vacations Sales Center group, Marino explained that having the most successful system available to his members is a huge advantage for them, but support does not end there.

The innovative call center, featuring a supportive full time staff, may seem like the focal part of the business model, but the system is much more than that.

Marino takes great pride in the support he provides for his group members. While other sponsors in the Coastal Vacations program boast about 17 hour work weeks and taking 3 day weekends, Marino makes himself available for training and coaching with his members 7 days a week.

The Level 3 Director feels his personal commitment to his group is helping them learn to use the hybrid business model to produce dramatic results.

Marino shares a myriad of proprietary tools with his members. He hosts live training calls each week and even keeps his group updated with training e-mail, but making himself available for private mentoring is what he is most proud of.

In addition to the personal attention he gives his members, Marino is very much involved in the day to day operations with the Coastal Vacations Sales Center group. He is part of the leadership team and hosts live training calls each week. His archived training is part of a robust educational website available to members.

Marino hosts live Discovery Q&A calls for those who want to learn more about the ultra-successful business model. He also helped post a recorded version of the conference call available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Marino feels his hybrid business model gives members all the advantages of business ownership without all the pitfalls. Many who have failed with a traditional home based business have turned a profit with the solid products and easy to use system his business offers.

Marino explained the difficulties people have had with the traditional home based business. He explained that "Many new Coastal Vacations associates have never owned their own successful business before. In the traditional business model, that means they must wear all the hats. They are the marketer, salesperson, follow-up coordinator, closer, product procurement manager, accountant, copywriter, webmaster and chief trainer. That is a daunting set of skills for them to acquire and that is why the overwhelming majority of them fail to ever make a dime."

As Marino said "Most are uncomfortable asking for the sale and the money, and unfortunately in this business, if you don't ask for it, you don't get it."

In this day and age, the public sees the advantages of specialization and they quickly understand how it can help them run a home based business. The Fed Ex truck driver does not fly the plane and the podiatrist does not do heart surgery and dentistry.

Account executives handle many of the details, so members don't have to. They explain things, ask for and collect the money, and much more. Employees at the Coastal Vacations Sales Center even ship the travel packages, and they plug new members into the robust training website and live training calls, so they can start learning to market effectively.

Anyone looking to start a successful home based business will benefit from learning all the pitfalls first rather than jumping in with their eyes closed. The live calls and 24 hour info line is a great place to learn why most new businesses fail and how to stack the deck in your favor. Learn more about Dean Marino, his maximum support system and the Coastal Vacations Sales Center at

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