ABC Primetime Production 'Adam the Healer' aired July 13, 2006

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Dreamhealer comments on ABC production "Adam the Healer."

Agreeing to be on ABC Primetime's investigative journalist's show was a huge step for Adam. He knew that with editing they could present what is happening in any light they choose. With this in mind we feel that the show was reasonably balanced, but we have several specific comments to make about it.

At the workshops dozens of people lined up with their medical papers in hand to present to ABC. Some of these people have attended many workshops over the course of several years, keeping them on track with their healing visualizations. None of these individuals were selected for the show. Two of these people even had the same doctor who had seen both of their conditions go from terminal pancreatic cancer to cancer-free. This took place during the course of 3 years, a gradual process...But a self-empowering one.

ABC was interested in shorter term changes and this was understandable as they only had so much time to put the show together. The 4 individuals that ABC profiled were only followed for just over 1 month. Adam says over and over at the workshops that the person heals themselves and he is there to actively facilitate the healing. There will be many more opportunities for Adam to prove what he is doing is actually helping many people. We have no doubt in this as we know that what Adam is doing is real.

Stay tuned for further scientific tests to back up the idea that we have the ability to affect our health and the health of others.

1. Adam does not do “Hands on Healing” and does not claim to heal people with his hands.

2. Adam never says he “CURES” anyone. He instructs people on how they can access their own healing. The word “CURE” never appears in any of his books, and he never says it in his presentations.

3. Adam does not “DIAGNOSE”. He does aura readings, a general overall look. He would NEVER say someone does or does not have Cancer based on aura readings. The word “DIAGNOSE” is not in his books and he does not use it in his presentations.

4. Adam is not “possessed” any more than anyone else appearing on infrared camera, as these cameras reflect light from eyes.

5. Adam offers no individual healing sessions. ABC printed that he charges $150 per treatment. This is not true and such as service is not available.

6. Adam is the author of 3 best selling books translated into 12 languages. He also speaks for 5 hours to an audience of many health care practitioners and those who have been turned away by their doctors. His income is based on the sale of books, DVDs and workshops only.

7. Adam is very spiritual: but not religious and the use of “ADAM OF GOD” is inaccurate. Energy treatments are not about Adam’s faith as he is not a “FAITH HEALER” but about the person being healed. One’s faith is what you believe in: it is your power-base. Use it toward your own well-being.

8. After a group treatment is finished at the workshops, Adam always sits down to get his bearings. At this point he always looks at his watch as he tells the audience to continue the healing for 5 more minutes, and lets the audience know when the time is up. During the show this is inappropriately pointed out without explanation or context so it was a meaningless comment, and would only confuse viewers.

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