Major Radio Personality's Life Shattered

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Saban Brown is a non violent registered sex offender and former radio personality (yanta Love) who admits he had consensual sex with a 15 year old girl in 1998 who admittedly lied about her age.

Saban Brown, registered at 211 Ormond Street, Atlanta Ga. July 14th, has launched a national campaign to clear his name.

Saban Brown is a non violent registered sex offender and major radio personality who admits he had consensual sex with a 15 year old girl in 1998; who admittedly lied about her age. Brown then 24 years of age met the young lady while working a live radio station broadcast in a Mobile, Al club.

Brown, and the young lady agreed to go to a nearby hotel where they had consensual sex. This led to an ongoing relationship, until it was revealed to Brown that the young lady was an under age run away.

Shocked by this Brown immediately cooperated with authorities; 60 days later Brown was indicted and arrested while on the air at (WJWZ) Alabama and was facing 20 years for rape 2nd which is statutory rape in the state of Alabama.

Detectives stated to Brown during questing that "ignorance of the law is no excuse according to Alabama state law as long as sexual contact played a part in the relationship with a minor regardless of the circumstances."

After 90 days in jail, Brown was approached by a public defender during a court hearing with a plea bargain agreement that had already been worked out with the district attorney; allowing Mr. Brown to go free time served with 2 years probation, the minimum sentence, or face a trial and receiving 20 years, the maximum sentence under Alabama Law.

Brown took the plea bargain because he did not want to take the risk of being sentence to 20 years based upon the Alabama State Law.

After Brown's release, he later was told by an Alabama probation officer that he had to register as a sex offender.

Brown found it difficult to find a place to live, as well he was told by probation that he would be arrested if he did not find residents in 7 days; luckily he found a place in a halfway house, whereby fliers were distributed 1000 feet in each direction with his photo and information upon them.

Still strong Brown managed to complete his probation and was authorized to move to Mississippi with his father who was diagnose with prostate cancer. unable to find a job, Brown resulted in obtaining welfare and registered under Mississippi laws.

Although Brown experienced frustration and family problems he refused to give up. He wanted a better life so he relocated to Miami, FL. under the guidelines of Florida laws and registered.

Brown, obtained a job as a professional financial consultant. 6 months had passed and Brown decided to visit his father in Mississippi. While at his fathers home in Mississippi, Brown received a call and was asked to come to the pass Christian police dept, where he was unlawfully arrested for failure to register as a sex offender. Authorities later found out that Brown was in fact registered, and an order for his release was made.

The mix up was caused by a data entry error between the state of Mississippi and Florida; Brown had to deal with the public scrutiny of a shattered life all over again. This store made nation headlines; moreover, Brown's wanted profile had to be pulled from Mississippi"s top 10 most wanted.

Brown lost his job, residence and was asked by Florida authorities to: "please leave Florida." Brown stated to the national media that he had suffered a public lynching; which caught the attention of Rev. Al Sharpton and BET's Jackie Reed.

Brown went into seclusion and moved to Atlanta, Ga. to try to piece his life back together again, registered and later found a job as a sales training manager. Brown managed to save enough money to try to continue where he was cut off from his dream to be a top producer/entertainer.

Saban Brown, aka (yanta Love) now know as "MIAMI BLACC" has been performing in clubs all around Atlanta and creating a major street buzz, and catching the attention of major hip hop labels, producers and artist etc.

"MIAMI BLACC" continues to fight for human rights and agreed to take a political stance in support of individuals trapped in the the same situation as he.

"MIAMI BLACC" does not support an individual who knowingly commits a violent crime against women or children.

"A violent predator does not even need to see daylight nor given the right to freedom."

Saban Brown Crime Information:

Sex Crime: UCR_Code: 1199 CrimeLocation: Mobile Case_Number: TrialLocation: Mobile
ORICode: AL003CI00 Offense Description: Rape 2nd
Crime Location: Mobile County, GA

Alabama Bureau of Investigation

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