The Lava Bar, 'World's First Liquid Chocolate Bar,' Praised By Customers

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The Lava Bar, three years in the making, was introduced in Los Angeles at the legendary Farmers' Market. It is currently available online is expected to hit grocery and convenience stores soon.

The Lava Bar™, described as “the world’s first liquid chocolate bar,” was introduced here over the Fourth of July holiday to a mass of satisfying smiles at the legendary Farmer’s Market.

Kenneth J. Berke, president and chief executive officer of Lava Chocolate, LLC, Los Angeles, and creator of the Lava Bar, who chose the Farmer’s Market for the introductory event said, “The venue provided the perfect sampling audience with its mix of foodies, international visitors and shoppers. This convergence created a unique cultural and generational cross section from which to gather first-person reviews.”

Taste testers were treated to a full size Lava Bar, which contains 2.5 ounces of gourmet liquid chocolate in a flexible film, foil-lined package, featuring an easy-open notch-top that facilitates squeezing the thick liquid into one’s mouth. And what did reviewers have to say about their first taste of gourmet chocolate they can squeeze right into their mouths?

“I love it. Delicious. Very rich chocolate,” said Felix H. Liddell, a management consultant.

“Oh it’s so good. Great chocolate,” described Angie Kapogiannis, a nurse. ”It’s a whole different experience pouring chocolate in your mouth.”

Reported Tedora Kerniakova, a motion picture production executive, who took the Lava Bar home to share with her husband, Adam: “We really enjoyed the intense, rich taste….It reminded us of the soft center of a truffle….” We found it addictive and ended up even fighting over the last bit.”    

“It should be called the Piggy Bar,” said Jennifer Ford, manager at a major food distribution company.”I just gobbled that whole thing down like somebody was chasing me with a stick!”

“It was wonderful,” said Charlie Wong, an accountant. “I know this is going to be one of the new fads.”

Heard most frequently from tasters was the question, “When and where can I buy it?” The answers: The Lava Bar is currently available for purchase online at And, the Lava Bar soon will be moving into supermarkets and convenience stores across the country, Berke said.

“In earlier taste tests, the reaction was virtually identical to the experiences of consumers who sampled the product today,” Berke said. “We are convinced the Lava Bar will be a big winner among chocolate lovers.” He added that mass production of the Lava Bar was well under way and that distribution to retail outlets was expected to gain momentum in the coming months.

Each Lava Bar contains two servings of gourmet Lava Chocolate™. Consumers who prefer to save a portion for later can easily store the balance for subsequent consumption.

Berke pointed out the versatility of the Lava Bar, compared to other confectionary products. “You’re really getting several products in one,” explained Burke. “If you can resist just eating this new liquid chocolate bar directly from its package, it’s absolutely great when added to milk shakes, poured over ice cream or served over fresh fruit.”     

Berke explained the Lava Bar has been in development for three years and was cleared for mass production only after extensive tests to ensure uniformity of flavor and texture standards were met.     

He announced that Lava Chocolate LLC will donate a portion of its net income to leukemia research in memory of his father, Rodney, who stimulated Berke’s early interest in chocolate recipes.

About the Lava Bar: The Lava Bar is the world’s first liquid chocolate bar. Introduced to the public in June 2006 following three years of development, it is currently available for purchase online at and is expected to be available soon in retail outlets across the country.        


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