Finding Love Even in the Staggering Depths of Alienation that Define an Immigrant's Journey

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The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness is Korean-American author Jhay Kay's first novel, released on July 11, 2006. Through the eyes of Kasa, a 24-year-old young man, The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness recounts the intimidating journey of countless immigrants that are suddenly uprooted from their motherlands and transported thousands of miles away to foreign, confusing lands. Though lonely and depressed at first, Kasa assimilates remarkably quickly to his new lifestyle, sacrificing his identity and values in the process. However, under the tutelage of an elderly blind man, Kasa learns about hauntingly beautiful perceptual abilities called the "three dominions", and he realizes that in order to be achieve true happiness, he must not adapt to his environment but make his environment adapt to him.

Author Jhay Kay has released "The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness", his first novel on Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

In a world overrun by the stresses of modern technology and urban life, what if you woke up one day and realized that you ate every meal without ever really tasting, that you spoke all the time without even thinking, and that every day you journeyed through environments fully ignoring over half of your surroundings? What if your perceptions suddenly became remarkably heightened without any conscious effort, granting you the most lyrically breathtaking but also the most painfully mind-numbing experiences of your entire life? Would you fear these experiences or embrace them?

"The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness" recounts the extraordinary journey of Kasa, a young man uprooted from a simple Laotian village to attend college in New York. There, his assimilation into Western life leaves him an emotionless nomad. Under the tutelage of a remarkable blind man, Kasa struggles to find happiness again in the power of the “three dominions,” hauntingly beautiful perceptual experiences that teach him to feel, see, hear, smell, and think in ways unknown to the common man. However, Kasa’s singular obsession with the alluring beauty of the “three dominions” threatens to destroy his one perfect love - his relationship with his girl Alejandra. Will Kasa’s quest to discover one truth merely destroy another?

Jhay Kay wrote "The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness" as his response to the dilemma in which an increasingly modern world has spawned increasingly hectic lives that have created a world of unthinking, unfeeling people. "The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness" takes people to back to an honest, pure place, where even amidst gut-wrenching poverty, magical worlds still exist where mountains whisper secrets and angels emerge from behind waterfalls.

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Jhay Kay’s inspiration for his novel came from his travels all over the world in poverty-ridden areas of Burma, Thailand, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, China, and Cambodia. He graduated with a degree in neurobiology from the University of Pennsylvania and earned his MBA and Master in Public Policy from the University of Texas at Austin. He is also an avid martial artist, having earned his black belt under the instruction of a U.S. Navy SEAL.


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