'Wireless Packaged Research Service' from WTRS Tracks Wireless Innovation, Industry Developments and Provides Access to a Virtual In-House Analyst

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WTRS (West Technology Research Solutions) has begun to offer three new “Wireless Packaged Research Services” in addition to their ongoing program with flagship Market Reports and custom market consulting. These services track wireless industries, technological innovations, and forecast future wireless market development.

WTRS, a market leader for eight years in wireless analysis, institutes a new "Wireless Packaged Research Service," in three optional formats, to assist companies seeking more comprehensive research service in this arena.

This “Packaged” program will provide you with the tools you need to stay not only current with industry trends but ahead of the curve in monitoring your competition…today’s as well as tomorrow’s. Each package “tracks” important changes, developments, hazards and opportunities in selected wireless technologies and companies. Significant savings are yours as well, since each “Package” includes Reports that, if purchased separately, would cost considerably more.

A major plus is that each “Wireless Packaged Research Service” includes one hour of consultation with our principal analyst each month. “Its like having an in-house industry analyst for one year”, said Kirsten West, PhD, Principal Analyst. Dr West is very well know in the industry, having published, presented, and chaired at trade meetings for years.

The “Wireless Packaged Research Service” has three choices which cover low data rate technologies, high data rate technologies, and WiMAX

The “Wireless Sensor & Control Package” analyzes and tracks the wireless sensor and control markets in terms of its emerging technologies: ZigBee, Insteon, Z-Wave, RFID, and IEEE 802.15.4. It is a “must” for component-level companies and end-product companies who are in the process of evaluating the market and the wireless sensor and control technology arena in general. It includes the WTRS Global Wireless Sensor Industry & Technology Trends Report, which will come to you in revised and updated form every quarter. It also includes is the Sensor Patent Sourcebook, the Industry Directory and Analysis Report, and 8 other Industry Reports. This includes the one hour per month consultation as well.

The “WiMAX Packaged Research Service” provides you with a comprehensive bundle of our WiMAX technology Reports tracking this exciting technology, is offered both for component-level companies and end-product companies who are in the process of evaluating the market and the WiMAX technology area in general. It is certainly a major tool for companies who have already made WiMAX commitments. It includes the WTRS WiMAX Market Intelligence Report which will come each quarter in revised and updated form. You will also receive the WTRS Global Wireless Technology Trends Report, similarly update and sent every quarter. In addition, you get the WiMAX Patent Source Book, Industry Directory & Analysis Report, and Telecom Industry Sector Report. You save many dollars by buying this WiMAX bundle, but you also gain a comprehensive research solution and one hour per month direct consultation.

The “WTRS Wireless Connectivity Research Package” provides you with a complete tracking service of our wireless connectivity research. Comprehensive coverage of Bluetooth, UWB, and the IEEE 802.11 family, written for both component and end-product companies begins with the flagship WTRS Global Wireless Connectivity Technology Trends Report, which will come to you every quarter having been revised and updated to be as current as possible. You’ll also get the WTRS Wireless Connectivity Patent Sourcebook, the WTRS Consumer Electronics Industry Sector Report, and 5 more Industry Reports. Of course, the one hour per month personal consultation is included as well.

“As the wireless technologies and the industry itself become increasingly diversified and in some cases confusing, we decided to pre-package related materials so our customers can ensure that their research needs, interests and directions are completely tracked and encompassed,” said West.

About WTRS:

West Technology Research Solutions, LLC (d.b.a. WTRS), is a market research and consulting company focused solely on emerging wireless technologies and supporting issues. WTRS’s unique approach generates market forecasts using macro-economic methodologies that provide historically more accurate forecasts. Services include market research reports, concise market briefs, targeted monthly newsletters, and custom research and consulting. Our three principal analysts hold two PhDs, 4 MA degrees, and have many years of expertise under their belts.

For more information, contact West Technology Research Solutions at http://www.wtrs.net or 650-940-1196.

Contact: George West

Company: West Technology Research Solutions

Title: Senior Analyst


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