Local Business Man Shares Proven Investment Plan in National Magazine

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Business owners and real estate investors line up to learn how to create passive income on a long–term basis: investing with focus.

Curtis K. Robert is a prominent businessman with a past… he is a former IBMer and automotive repair franchise owner with 18 years of experience in real estate investment. He now teaches other business owners and real estate investors who don’t have the time and the patience to look for real estate “deals” on their own.

His advice to them is to build wealth through real estate investment groups that are investing in condo conversions, 55+ older living facility projects and other profitable real estate “deals”. We are aggressively looking for opportunities that build wealth through passive income on a long –term basis. In addition, as a member of Team Works Worldwide Investment Group (TWIG), a Silver Spring, Maryland-based investment club, members have access to informative and educational seminars. TWIG has stuck to its guns, teaching its members how to use proven methods to invest in real estate opportunities.

It is estimated that combined, the membership of TWIG has access to over 15 million in assets and can weather the storm created by the Federal Reserve’s recent interest rate hikes. “When you have a (large) group of people, you have more buying power,” he says.

Since joining TWIG two years ago, Robert has watched the group grow to 150 members. “ This is a great way to invest with other members and minimize your risk, since it doesn’t require as much money to get involved with such real estate “deals”, says Robert.“Where it would normally cost a real estate investor $100K+ plus to get into such opportunities”, says Robert “You can start with much less”. As a member, you may only have to invest $5K to $10K and potentially get back a greater return than many other investments. This group strategy is also a powerful way for those with less than perfect credit or debt levels too high to qualify for a real estate loan. As a group, you have more leverage which equates to more buying power.

Most of the real estate investment opportunities come from developers and other investors who hear about our investment group by word of mouth. Robert says “When you have what people need (money) they will find you”.

“This is a great way to invest without doing all the leg work and a great way to meet like minded people who are building wealth and not just chasing after being rich”.

Being a part of the investing team allows would be investors to get a piece of the action and to participate in arguably the number one means to wealth building in America – real estate.

Robert says, “Even the novice real estate investor can learn so much more with the right investment group that has a proven method of investing”.

“Regardless of their credit score, debt level or current financial situation we educate and inform each member about the importance of having good credit and getting rid of bad debt”, says Robert. We encourage all of our members to attend different educational training seminars and conference calls that are held each month that cover a variety of investment and money management topics.

With members that have experience in the real estate and financial industry you can see how this can benefit all members. We have members who are realtors, mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, credit restoration and debt elimination specialists, financial planners, CPAs, home inspectors, lawyers, real estate investors, plumbers, electricians, architects, insurance agents, contractors and of many other professions.“The biggest mistake people make is not being plugged into their investment group

And not attending meetings”, says Robert. There is strength in numbers!

Curtis K. Robert is a credit restoration and debt elimination independent representative with a national company. He is also licensed in the State of Maryland as a realtor. For more information about real estate investment strategies, credit restoration and debt elimination services call 240-631-7288.


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