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19-year-old Pop/R&B sensation, Andre Caram is set to take the U.S. by storm. Dreeyc’s debut album is for all moods; with smooth sounds, witty lyrics, and upbeat grooves, the beautifully crafted album features an acoustic remix of his anthemic track ‘Your Sister’s Boyfriend.’ This is one to own for easy listening or dancing.

19-year-old Pop/R&B sensation, Andre Caram is set to take the U.S., by storm. For the young singer-songwriter, his stage name wasn’t that difficult to think up. “We were thinking about the name and everything… We wanted to change the spelling, and I can’t remember the reason why I wrote it like that, but ‘Dreey-C’ – ‘Dreey’ being my first name Andre and ‘C’ being Caram, my surname - that’s what we came up with,” Dreey-C explains coolly. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Despite his young years, Dreey-C is preparing an assault on the Americas, and then the world. He has been immersed in music most of his life, since the tender age of six. The Brazilian transplant was born and raised near Sao Paolo, and he speaks – and sings - fluently in English and his mother tongue, Portuguese.

“Music has always been one of my favorite things. I used to always sing in Brazil and when I moved here, when I was ten, eleven-years-old; it just became something that I decided I really wanted to do,” Dreey-C says, in an exclusive interview.

Now living in Orlando, Florida, he has expanded his musical talents from singing to writing and producing, too. In fact, he is the writer-producer of his two new albums – set for a simultaneous release this summer, in the U.S. and Brazil – one in English, and one in Portuguese. “They’re two completely different albums – there’s actually one song, its title in English is ‘Cry on my Shoulder,’ that is the only song that you will hear on both albums. The whole rest of the album is completely different.”

The lyrics on both CDs come directly from Dreey-C’s pen – he presently has over 50 original songs under his belt, including his unreleased 2004 debut ‘On My Own’ - and he is personally overseeing the production of every track on his two new self-titled, multi-lingual albums. “I’m in the studio right now, finishing the mixing and the tweaking that we gotta do. But, the album, it’s done practically.”

Nevertheless, Dreey-C takes these accomplishments in his stride. Actually, he’s quite humble about his rising success on the road to superstardom. “I’m really glad of the opportunities in front of me at this time,” Dreey-C says, with a smile. “It’s really one of my biggest dreams, to work in this industry, and to have my songs heard. And my plan is just to keep going, more and more, is what I truly wish.”

‘More and more’ is certainly what the fans are left wanting from Dreey-C, a handsome guy with the looks of a heartbreaker. However, when he’s not in the studio recording and producing, what does he do for fun? What is he really like? “I’m a laidback guy,”

Dreey-C says, sounding every bit as laidback as he claims to be. “I like going to clubs a lot, I like hanging out with my friends. I like just hanging out a lot. I don’t mind just hanging in the house… Florida’s a hot place, there’s a lot of beaches, there’s a lot of party. But, basically, it doesn’t take a lot for me to have a good night – sometimes I can just end up in my house, with my friends, watching a movie.”

Whether it’s his chilled persona or his down-to-earth nature, Dreey-C’s style is all his own. “I think that I mix a lot of styles together,” he notes. His music could be describer as part R&B, part pop, part hip-hop; influenced by his idols, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Brian McKnight, Babyface; Dreey-C’s overall style remains unique, and far from easy to pigeon-hole.

“Even though being a Latin singer, being originated from Brazil; I’m a piano player – I love to do that acoustically. I also love to dance (his choreographer, the acclaimed Peter Anthony of Spotlight Entertainment, will attest to that), I like the fast music, I like the kicks, the hard snares, I like the club songs… But at the same time, I must say I am romantic, so I kind of mix it all together.”

With track titles like ‘YOUR SISTER’S BOYFRIEND,’ ‘PICK UP YOUR THINGS’, ‘CRY ON MY SHOULDER’, and ‘SHE’S DANGEROUS’ his music definitely sounds romantic. But, as a writer, where does he find inspiration for his song lyrics?

“When it comes to writing, I try to keep it original – I think it’s really important,” says Dreey-C. “I truly believe that people can tell sometimes when there’s a story behind the lyric and if it’s real or if it’s not real. So, I try to write from my past experiences, and I really try to get my inspiration from many of the things I go through… But, it depends, some songs are fiction, but some of them, they’re reality times a thousand - you get this small situation and you multiply it by a thousand and it comes out something bigger than it is, and then that’s the song,” he laughs.

Charm and charisma, that’s Dreey-C. He’s a natural, and it’s no wonder that he is already gaining recognition for his talents. Earlier this year, following a performance at the Miss Brazil USA finals in Fort Lauderdale, he was nominated for a Press Award for best stand-out Brazilian singer performing in the whole of the U.S. “We have a small buzz around my city,” he says. “Nothing too big, yet.”

Just wait till he releases his albums this early this fall. The momentum is building, and this is only the beginning for Dreey-C. Visit his official website at http://www.dreeyc.com

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