Is PAS a Scam? and Jim Mack Say No

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Jim Mack a successful home business owner and a member of the Prosperity Automated System expose the top 5 scams run by home business professionals. And then details how they are solved.

Prosperity Automated System or PAS for short, director Jim Mack revealed why 95% of new home based business owners fail. The revelation came while Mr. Mack was hosting a live weekly training call for his associates and people that they work with. Mr.

Mack recently launched a couple of websites and which is his PAS company website.

There are 5 scams that many network marketing or home business marketing sponsors use. Not just with Prosperity Automated System, but with other home based business opportunities as well. They are (1) the sponsor that disappears after the sale, (2) the sponsor that offers are “too good to be true”, (3) The sponsor that thinks he is the “end all be all” (4) the up sell sponsor, and (5) the “overhype” or “pie in the sky” sponsor. We will take a brief look at each of these and explain the steps people can take to avoid these common scams. And explain how or yourwealth answer can help solve them.

1) The sponsor that disappears explains itself. This individual signs people up and that is the last they hear from him or her. Some of the sponsors in this category are simply part timers who are not able to clear their busy schedule to do any training, while others are so fragmented selling so many different opportuinities, that they simply don't have the time. Some that fall into this category just don't know how to help new members, while others may not feel their new associates have what it takes to succeed and feel it would be a waste of their time trying to train them. Even worse are the ones that flat out don’t care

(2) The “too good to be true” sponsor has thought out the process even more. The offer may take many different shapes from payment plans to bonuses like do-dads and gadgets that are unrelated to your success, and even fraudulent releases for a fraction of what a legitimate entry to the business would cost. Or the unethical incentive to join, like discounting.

Jim Mack of fame explained that bonuses related to business success are usually a good sign that the sponsor is unwilling and unabile to follow through, but other free gifts may indicate that they will not be there and will take any short cut.

(3) The “end all be all” sponsor and the (4) up sell sponsor are often one in the same.

These sponsors often “fly solo” who don't belong to any of the major groups in the PAS community. They don't attend or listen to any training calls. They do not attend seminars. And they also recommend you don't participate either so that they can be your only source of information. The assistance often includes the purchase of websites, advertising coops, and marketing tools from them. Rather that offering free help, the answer to your question often leads to the purchase of an expensive, over priced tool.

(5) “the pie in the sky” sponsor can take many shapes. Their success may be overstated and the implication that you can enjoy the same success with minimal effort is at least implied. They may offer deep discounts and then not deliver or they may offer some mysterious success system that will be revealed after you hand over the money. And even give no support in the said system.

So how do potential business owners protect themselves from the scams that are out there? Your first defense is logic. Examine the offer in a logical manner. Does it make sense that the offer is genuine?

Next, examine who the offer is from. Is your potential sponsor a leader in the business you are considering? Do they answer their own phone on a regular basis, or are all their calls screened? Are they active with a major group in PAS? Do you hear them on the conference calls regularly? The answers to these questions measure the commitment your potential sponsor has to the business and indicate whether or not they operate a legitimate business. Jim Mack’s PAS websites are and

Do a Google search. Do others have complaints about them, or are they a ghost and have no reputation positive or negative on the internet?

Examine the system your potential sponsor is using to sell you. Does it require a master salesperson or computer expert to make it work? Can you visualize yourself utilizing the same system and having the success you desire?

Do your homework. Jim Mack proudly says, “Check me out. I have twice a month training calls. I answer my phone. I have success articles and press releases all over the internet. This is what I do for a living.”

To reach Jim Mack visit his website and or call him at 913-375-0052


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