How To Create & Sell Information Products on eBay published by Vision-One Press

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Skip shows readers, step-by-step how almost anyone can create and sell both digital and hard-copy information products such as books, eBooks, CDs or DVDs, original music, photography or videos.

Skip McGrath's latest book, How to Create & Sell Information Products takes readers on a profitable journey.

Skip shows readers, step-by-step how almost anyone can create and sell both digital and hard-copy information products such as books, eBooks, CDs or DVDs, original music, photography or videos.

"Selling information is one of the most profitable products on the internet. You own the product, you control it and you have an unlimited supply. It is very easy to create products where you product and delivery cost is less than $2.00 that can sell for $20 or more," says Skip McGrath, himself an eBay PowerSeller and author of several books on eBay and internet marketing. Many of Skip's books have been self-published and he has consistently made money creating and selling his information products.

Skip's book is a large format, coil bound instruction manual that comes with several bonus CDs. These include:

  • Power Copyrighting for the Internet by Bob Serling
  • Create Your Own eBook Without Every Writing a Word
  • Resource CD that shows links to dozens of internet resources for aspiring writers and Videographers
  • 30 Niche Information Products with Resale Rights

The last item, 30 Niche Products, contains 30 different eBooks that buyers of Skip's book, can immediately publish and begin selling on eBay or the internet. The subjects include poker, quilting, food and recipes, pets, scrap booking and child safety.

In Skip's sales material for the book, he remarks: "I am not talking about selling stupid get-rich-quick schemes. That's what comes to mind when most people think of information sellers.

I am talking about actual knowledge-based products that do one of the following things:

  •      help people
  •      educate people
  •      solve a problem
  •      entertain them.

Information is one of the best-selling products of all time."

Some of the topics covered in How To Create & Sell Information Products on eBay include:

  • How I research niches to find product ideas with a ready made market
  • An EZ writing method that anyone can use.
  • A single critically important step you must take to be successful with any information product
  • Where to find thousands of instantly saleable products in the public domain
  • How to find a copyright-free product in the public domain and turn it into a protected work that you own
  • How to write a winning sales letter or eBay description that can't fail
  • How to sell information products on eBay the right way -- No more worry about getting your listings cancelled
  • How to put your business on autopilot. You receive payments and ship products while you sleep
  • How to create printed books, CDs and DVDs on demand and have them drop shipped for you directly to your customer (We do this every winter while we vacation in the Bahamas)
  • Two techniques you must use that allow you to charge a higher price for your product and still increase sales while doing so.
  • How to legally drive traffic from eBay to your web site
  • How to use information products to increase the sales of your existing eBay merchandise -- and how to use your eBay product listings to sell your information products
  • How to set up an affiliate program and get others selling your product for you
  • How to build a mailing list of satisfied customers and how to market to them again and again
  • My unique brainstorming technique for creating product ideas (My wife calls it SBT -- Skip's Brainstorming Technique. I taught this to a group of students at a seminar I did in Las Vegas, and almost all of them came up with profitable niche product ideas in less than one hour).
  • If you can't (or don't want to) write a word, I will show you how and where to find highly-educated professional writers who will research, write and edit a complete polished book for as little as $2.00 a page
  • How to automatically deliver your books electronically while you sleep.
  • A foolproof resource you can use to deliver eBooks, music and video in such a way that they cannot be stolen or resold without your permission.
  • How and where to get eBook covers professionally designed for you - cheap.
  • How to find what people are searching for on eBay and turn those keywords into eBook titles
  • The best time of day to end an auction for an information product -- it's not when you think it is
  • How to give away information products to generate sales and create unstoppable viral marketing campaigns
  • How to create auction listings and sales letters with audio and video that will double your sales

Skip's book, How To Create & Sell Information Products on eBay is available exclusively on his web site at:


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